Snowed In Comedy Tour hits City on Feb. 24th

Tour stops in Red Deer at the Memorial Centre

The Snowed In Comedy Tour makes a Red Deer stop on Feb. 24th at the Memorial Centre.

Organizers say the tour has turned into a Canadian success story, having started nine years ago with nine shows and has now grown to 44 cities with 50 performances, including four straight nights in Whistler, B.C.

Four international comedians come together to create one amazing show with each bringing a unique and hilarious take providing something for everyone, organizers say.

Just for Laughs winner Dan Quinn, the wild man MC Craig Campbell, the $25,000 great Canadian laugh off winner Paul Myrehaug, as well as five-time Canadian Comedian of the year nominee Pete Zedlacher are featured.

Damonde Tschritter, winner of the Seattle Comedy Competition, will also be joining the troupe from Feb. 21st to March 11th.

When Quinn started the Snowed In Comedy Tour nine years ago to go on a snowboarding vacation with some of the funniest comedians in the world, he never realized how big it would become.

Now with over $1 million in ticket sales the tour continues to grow every year.

The entire first half of the schedule is built around what ski-hills he will be able to hit during the day then do comedy shows at night to pay for it.

Quinn has done numerous appearances on TV and radio and has won the Canadian Comedy Competition at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

He has done Comedy Now on CTV, The Debaters, Sirius XM radio and won Best of the Fest at the Hubcap Comedy Festival in Moncton.

He travels around the world performing in England, the U.S., Australia, Switzerland and France.

Campbell is a Canadian who is now based out of the UK, where he has performed on the hugely successful Michael Mcyntyre Comedy Road show.

He is described as a mega-star comedian and Frankie Boyle’s opening act in arenas in the United Kingdom.

To Canadian audiences he may be remembered for being the former host of Ed the Sock and for his numerous Just For Laughs appearances.

Myrehaug now resides in London, England but was born in Camrose and tours around the globe.

He won the Great Canadian Laugh off $25,000 prize and has been on Just For Laughs, Sirius XM and The Debaters.

Zedlacher is also becoming one of the most recognized acts in Canada.

He has been nominated five times for Comedian of the Year, done the Just For Laughs Gala eight times and won the Sirius-XM Radio Top Comic Competition. Along with his acting credits he is now writing for the CBC Johnny Harris show OF ALL PLACES.

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– Weber