WAR STORIES - Air Raids and Siren Songs coming is coming to Central Alberta just in time for Remembrance Day. photo submitted

WAR STORIES - Air Raids and Siren Songs coming is coming to Central Alberta just in time for Remembrance Day. photo submitted

Production commemorates Remembrance Day in Central Alberta

Air Raids and Siren Songs shows through to Nov. 11th

The Second World War theatre production Air Raids and Siren Songs is coming to three different venues in Central Alberta.

Written by Albertan play-write Blaine Newton for its first production in 1987, the play is a musical review which features Canadian Forces Servicemen and women coming together overseas during the global conflict of the 1940s.

“It features Canadian military servicemen and women during the Second World War in England,” Producer Janette Underwood said. “It is set in 1942 and it takes place in a public house in London.”

The characters in the play share stories of home, their dreams and the war.

“The characters are are laughing, having a few pints and forgetting their troubles,” Underwood said. “The ones from Canada tall about home and sings songs like Farewell to Nova Scotia.”

Thirty-five different era-specific songs are sung throughout the production and many of them are old Canadian-war classics like It is a long way to Tipperary and Waltzing Matilda. Underwood explained these songs were sung during the war to build camaraderie.

“There are also stories going on through it,” she said. There is a romantic story, there is a story of a young lad who wants to join but he’s not old enough, and all the soldiers reminisce about life in Canada and there is also a siren in the middle of the show where they all have to get into cover in their gas masks.

“There is real moments with laughter and corny jokes in between.”

The show, which has humour throughout, also definitely commemorates Remembrance Day, according to Underwood.

“There is thought put into what our veterans went through and what they gave up,” she said.

The first performance will be at the Springbrook Multiplex Theatre on Nov. 2nd; the second performance will be on Nov. 4th at the Red Deer Legion; and the final three performance on Nov. 9th, 10th and 11th at the Scott Block Theatre. A matinee showing will also be available on Nov. 4th at the Legion.

Tickets can be purchased at the Black Knight Inn, at each individual venue and online at tickets.blackknightinn.ca.

“It is a World War 2 musical review that make you laugh or make you cry, but it definitely will make you thirsty for another pint,” Underwood said.


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