Politics made funny in new CAT production

Politics takes a whole other turn in the latest production from Central Alberta Theatre.

Directed by Carole Forhan and produced by Judith Moody, Booster McCrane P.M. showcases a man with no political experience who finds himself in Ottawa as the prime minister of Canada after a very poor electoral turnout. Booster McCrane, who hails from Veteran, Alberta, is awestruck while checking out his new office on Parliament Hill in Ottawa – the scene for the play. The set was very well put together and no detail was left out. There was richness to it. Walking into the theatre you feel there is a sense of importance.

In an effort to “set the country straight” in three days, as McCrane says, he is forced to declare war on the United States with hilarious repercussions.

And to add a few more laughs, McCrane and his staff often rely on the movements of a turtle who lives in the bathtub of the Prime Minister’s office bathroom. These movements help to dictate large decisions that McCrane has to make.

Robert Van Der Linden, who plays Booster McCrane, comes into his own. He shines in his role and grows as a character from someone who is overwhelmed and frazzled at times to someone who has great confidence in himself and his abilities to run the country.

Vicki Dykes, who plays Margery Fullbrow, assistant to McCrane, softens up as the production progresses. It’s fun to see her change from the stern assistant that first appears to a more laid back character who actually begins to seem to enjoy her job.

Dennis Moffat, who plays American ambassador Maynard Bartholomew Chelsey III, was perfectly cast in this role. He offers a balance of hilarity and sternness.

The star of the show really is Albert Azzara (Chief Joe White Eagle). His energetic performance had the audience in stitches. He also has an important role in the show as he is appointed cabinet minister of all areas – which of course just adds to his funny antics.

Booster McCrane P.M. runs through March 4. For tickets, drop by Ticket Central at 4922 – 49 St., call 403-347-0800 or email ticketcentral@centralalbertatheatre.ca. Also check out www.ticketcentraloutlet.ca for show times.

Next up for CAT is The Psychic which opens March 16th.