DYNAMIC DUO – Keith and Renee are set to open for Jann Arden Feb. 24th at the Memorial Centre.

DYNAMIC DUO – Keith and Renee are set to open for Jann Arden Feb. 24th at the Memorial Centre.

Keith and Renee to bring their unique sounds to City

Singer/songwriters Keith Macpherson and Renee Lamoureux are no strangers to the stage. Known as Keith and Renee, the duo have been thriving in the spotlight ever since meeting in 1997.

The pair will open for Jann Arden on Feb. 24th at the Memorial Centre. Showtime is 8 p.m.

Macpherson and Lamoureux are best known for capturing experience in song by crafting music that gets to the heart of matter in matters of the heart.

Their latest album Best Day which was released last year is currently sounding across radio airwaves. This is the fifth album for the pair. They co-wrote all the songs on the album with producer Chris Burke Gaffney and it was recorded and created over the span of a year in the exchange district in downtown Winnipeg.

The first single Best Day was inspired by the people they met while touring abroad and in the United States. The title track is a tribute to a friend who went overseas to fight in the war.

Their second single off the album entitled Wildflower can currently be heard on radio stations across the country.

“This is the first album where we have gone more towards the country side. Our previous albums have had a pop influence to a light rock style and now we’re hitting our country roots,” said Lamoureux. “Country is a natural fit for us and it seems to be going well.”

The Winnipeg-based duo’s influences are as wide as the Canadian prairie they both live on – inspired by contemporary country stars including Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban and The Dixie Chicks to stalwart pop stars such as Crowded House, Cheryl Crow and Tom Petty.

While their latest venture may best be described as country, Macpherson and Lamoureux defy all labels. Some call them pop, some call them rock—others have called them folk and now country. For the pair, the genre doesn’t matter as much as creating music with meaning.

“With this album we took a different approach. We would have weekly writing sessions. It was very laid back and we would get together and collaborate. We started every song as a trio,” said Lamoureux.

As for inspiration, Lamoureux added that can happen for her anywhere.

“For me, I never go without a recording device. That’s how I’ve always functioned. Inspiration can happen anywhere. A melody can kick in and if you don’t put it down right then and there, it’ll be gone. Being on tour inspires me because I can focus on my music.”

The duo is looking forward to being back on the road as their tour with Jann Arden kicks off Feb. 19 in Victoria.

“Up until I was 18 I never thought I could make a career out of singing. I always just did it as a hobby. But there has never been a day I have wanted to quit and we’ve had a lot of ups and downs and it’s moments like touring with Jann Arden that make it so great,” said Lamoureux. “I have never lost the motivation or the drive. You seem to hold onto that big break — it’s funny enough that I don’t know if there is such a thing as a big break. I am grateful for everything I’ve been through. At the end of the day my love for singing is still my number one passion.”

She added what she is looking forward to most during the tour is singing in front of new audiences and playing in a variety of theatres.

“Jann is also an amazing woman and I am looking forward to learning more from her.”

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