Local singer Kayla Williams will be performing a brand new single, Something Right, at the closing ceremonies of the 2019 Canada Winter Games on March 2nd.                                photo submitted

Local singer Kayla Williams will be performing a brand new single, Something Right, at the closing ceremonies of the 2019 Canada Winter Games on March 2nd. photo submitted

Kayla Williams to perform at Winter Games closing ceremonies

Red Deer singer/songwriter penned an original tune to sing at the event

Red Deer singer/songwriter Kayla Williams has landed a truly thrilling part to play during the Canada Winter Games.

Several months ago, the gifted artist was not only asked to perform at the closing ceremonies – she was asked to pen a song inspired by the athletes and the overall sense of community sparked by the event itself.

Williams wrote Something Right, which she has also decided to record and release as well. The single will be available March 2nd – the day of the closing ceremonies at the ENMAX Centrium.

“I’m super honoured and thrilled – it’s very cool,” said an elated Williams during a recent chat. Initially, she was asked to perform a number from her own repertoire, but she realized that she didn’t have a particular song that really focused on themes related to the spirit of the Canada Winter Games. “They wanted a song that was about the community, with cheering on the athletes – that sort of spirit. But I didn’t have that in my repertoire – I write more from personal experience,” she added with a laugh.

But being the talented artist and experienced songwriter that she is, it wasn’t long before the inspiration began to flow.

Something Right actually came to her quite quickly, and she couldn’t be more pleased with the results. She describes the tune as upbeat with Canadian references melded with themes of what it means to be inspired and to have a dream to pursue.

The lyrics matched a melody that she has previously created, so the timing was certainly spot on. “I had the music first and then figured out what the verses would sound like around that,” she said. “I’m so happy with it.”

She’s also excited to perform the song in front of the thousands that will be gathered at the Centrium for the ceremonies.

“I am so excited. It’s like the coolest opportunity,” she said, adding that being part of the 2019 Canada Winter Games in this capacity is really a dream come true.

“There will be all of this energy, too. I just think it’s going to be the most amazing thing.”

Williams has been honing her skills since she was just a youngster. Originally from Ponoka, she moved to Red Deer to study music at Red Deer College several years ago.

Even though she didn’t grow up in a musical home per se, Williams has always been drawn to performing.

“My mom says I was singing in the bathtub at three years old! I knew very early on, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be some day, that I wanted to be a singer.

“I never questioned what I wanted to do.”

She was also always involved with choirs and musical theatres during those early years, too, plus she took piano lessons as well. Songwriting has always been a passion – a fabulous vehicle for self-expression where she so aptly and consistently pours her feelings, emotions and experiences into truly memorable songs. “It comes from a very honest place, and it’s very therapeutic,” she added of the process. “It’s a great outlet.”

As mentioned, she earned a diploma at RDC. So besides her busy performing and recording schedule, she teaches music as well.

There isn’t a path that she would rather be on. The life of an indie musician certainly has its challenges, but Williams can’t imagine having a different focus than continually exploring fresh creative territory.

“It’s just kind of been the only thing that has called me. There have been other interests and other things I enjoy. But I love this. I love it all. And I feel confident in these skills.

“There are times when you feel a little deflated. But I’m doing what I love,” she said. “For me, anytime I’m onstage, I just feel so good. There is nothing like it – it’s just the highest of highs.

“Nothing brings you more joy.”