UNIQUE SOUND - Infected Mushroom is set to play Lotus Nightclub this week.

UNIQUE SOUND - Infected Mushroom is set to play Lotus Nightclub this week.

Infected Mushroom to play the Lotus Nightclub

On Dec. 18th the Israeli sound-sculpting duo, Infected Mushroom, will be in Red Deer to play Lotus Nightclub.

This fall has seen them unveiling their highly anticipated LP Converting Vegetarians II – the follow-up to 2003’s inaugural Converting Vegetarians release (which was the outfit’s most successful, fan-favourite LP to date), the series serves as Infected Mushroom’s platform for pushing past their traditionally psy-trance productions and into a world brimming with song-based, mid-tempo vocal material that manages to retain its psychedelic edge.

The 15-track offering is an experimental meditation on expertly layered synths, live instrumentation with guitars and piano, and low-key drum fills, weaving a brooding narrative with a sense of proportion one rarely experiences outside of the cinema.

The album’s lead single Fields of Grey features an intriguing vocal turn from star of both adult film and television (HBO’s Entourage), Sasha Grey.

Twice ranked as the world’s ‘10 Best DJ’s’ by U.K.’s DJ Magazine, the Israel-bred, L.A. based duo Amit ‘Duvdev’ Duvdevani and Erez Eisen have established their self-invented genre among the highest in the scene.

Their most notable achievements include their 1999 breakthrough debut CD, The Gathering, which gained immediate attention. Viscous Delicious followed in 2007 and The Legend of the Black Shawrama in 2009.

The guys also keep extremely busy on the touring circuit. They average 120 shows a year from Ultra Fest in Miami to Mexico’s OMIX to California’s Coachella and Melbourne’s Metro Club.

In early 2012 they released the Army of Mushrooms, described as their most multifaceted electronic album delivery to date since Legend of the Black Shawarma.

According to Wikipedia, Eisen began classical training at a young age, learning to play the organ at age four and studied classical piano at the Haifa Conservatory from the age of eight. He became involved with computerized music at age 11, beginning with Impulse Tracker and later moving to more advanced musical composition software.

Duvdevani has a similar musical background as Eisen.

He started to play the piano at age seven and continued to do so for nine years. He then progressed to heavy metal music and punk rock. Duvdevani played keyboards and wrote most of the material for the Haifa punk rock band Enzyme.

Duvdevani was conscripted into the Israel Defense Forces, where he was first nicknamed ‘Duvdev’.

After he finished his conscription in Israel, he lived in India for a year, primarily in the Indian state of Goa.

– Weber