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Fever Feel debuting new album in September

The band will head to Red Deer Sept. 23rd to play Bo’s

Victoria-based group Fever Feel is heading to Bo’s Bar & Grill Sept. 23rd – and with that, will be performing songs from their debut album Fever Feel, set to be released Sept. 14th.

A lot of the album was recorded in Calgary, while the rest was finished off in Victoria, where the band currently resides.

“It’s a 10-song full length album that we wrote for people to listen to as a whole,” said band member Landon Franklin.

He added that although people can still listen to an individual song, the group wrote it as one musical piece that ebbs and flows into one another, similar to that of a story.

“For this particular record, I would call it a coming of age record, because it has a lot to do with growing up, change and self reflection,” said Franklin.

Franklin began his journey into the musical world when he was around 10 years old. Although his parents wanted to get him into guitar or piano, he was adamant to play the drums.

“My dad bought me a drum kit when I was 10 and I just played around on it a bit and I think when I was 14 or so I wanted to write songs, and it’s hard to write songs on the drums, so I taught myself how to play guitar and I would write poems and lyrics and teach myself chords and make up chords.”

Fellow band mate Logan Gabert, who founded Fever Feel with Franklin, is actually Franklin’s brother, despite the different last name. Franklin is actually the middle name of Landon, so he prefers to go by that when performing.

The two grew up playing music together, with Gabert always playing guitar and Franklin asking him about the different chords.

It was in 2014, that the two young men realized they wanted to make music together, and both had been involved in different projects and bands over the years leading up to the band’s official start.

In early 2015, they added organist Thomas Platt to the group, which has taken the band’s already captivating experience to even greater heights.

They later recorded three songs and released those at their first show, resembling a sort of EP release party.

What followed was a heavy amount of touring and recording their newest album in between.

“I would say this is our first real offering to the world, a more accurate sound of what Fever Feel is. I feel like those three songs that we released in 2014 we were still figuring out what we wanted to do, and I feel like this is a lot more cohesive or true to what kind of music we want to be making,” said Franklin.