CAT’s annual one-act festival coming up

Central Alberta Theatre is gearing up for its annual one-act play festival, under the theme of ‘Expect Anything’.

Performances run June 19-21st at the Nickle Studio, adjacent to the Memorial Centre. Curtain is at 7:30 p.m.

Cynthia Edwards, who is co-producing the festival along with Pam Miller, said this year’s plays run the gamut from light and funny to those of a more serious, intense variety.

Casts also feature some CAT veterans alongside newcomers and other actors seen in other local theatre troupes as well.

“A good one-act play is like a good short story. It’s a condensed view of an artist’s view of an aspect of life.”

Plays include Please Have a Seat and Someone Will be With You Shortly, which is directed by Sarah Gibson and stars Tara Rorke and Mike Mohr.

Penned by Garth Wingfield, the story follows two people who are waiting to see their respective psychologists and eventually strike up a relationship as they wait.

Babel of Circular Labyrinths, written by Don Nigro, is being directed by Erik Anderson and features him as well as one of the actors.

An old blind writer sits in a circle of light in a dark library asking why he doesn’t just sit in the dark, why a raven is like a writing desk and what is the nature of labyrinths. He hears footsteps and smells perfume. The intruder is a beautiful woman who may or may not be a character in a story he is writing.

‘Someone is going to die in this unusual play about art, time and the relationship between fiction and flesh.’

Asphalt Green, written by Rogelio Martinez, stars Jason Steele, Ian Sheppard and Perry Mill.

Directed by Craig Scott, the story revolves around divine intervention and nostalgia combining to defend an urban baseball lot from becoming an apartment complex.

Father Joseph, a defender of the lot, confronts the contractor in an effort to show him what the lot means to the neighborhood children.

The Little Death, also directed by Scott, features Dan Vasquez, Pam Miller, Ashley Mercia and Alanna Lindl, and was written by Peter M. Floyd. The story focuses on a young man who is confronting death – and love – on the same night, said Edwards.

Finally, wrapping up the slate of plays is The Zoo Story written by Edward Albee. It’s being directed by Elena Stalwick and stars Logan Shave and Isaiah Williams.

Edwards, a talented actor in her own right, is enjoying the role of co-producer this time around.

“It’s similar to bringing a character to life. I also like seeing a project all come together, especially with the one-act festival because you have a real diverse range of people.”

Collaborating with others on a singular vision is a rich, fulfilling experience. “I really enjoy that very much.”

For ticket information, visit or call 403-755-6626.

Tickets are also available at the door.