CAT presents Deadly Murder

Central Alberta Theatre is kicking off the New Year with an acclaimed three-character thriller described as being in the ‘tradition of Sleuth and Deathtrap.’

Deadly Murder opens as a dinner theatre at the North Hill Quality Inn on Jan. 15th continuing through to Feb. 7th.

Tickets are available at the Black Knight Inn ticket centre.

Nominated for a 2008 Edgar Award, Deadly Murder, penned by David Foley, follows a woman by the name of Camille Dargus – a New York jewellery designer with a roster of high-end clients, a loft apartment in Soho and a penchant for younger men.

One night, at a society function, she picks up Billy, one of the waiters, and brings him home. But there’s more to Billy than meets the eye, and before long she’s summoned her security guard, Ted, to get him out of her apartment. Nicole Orr is playing the part of Camille; David Drolet is playing Billy and Perry Mills stars as Ted.

And so begins a ‘game of cat-and-mouse involving a mysterious jewel, reversals, crosses and double-crosses, murder and a devastating journey into the past that Camille has tried to leave behind.’

Deadly Murder is being directed by Sherry Ainscough, and this marks the first time she’s directed a CAT show. She’s served as producer on many productions over the years and felt it was time to try her hand at directing. It’s been a fulfilling and most enjoyable experience of collaboration and creation, she said.

“It’s a two-act show – there are no scene changes or costume changes. It starts at the end of an evening and is about what happens during the course of the night,” she explains, pointing out that there is a definite sense of mystery and intrigue when it comes to this particular production. “It’s not presented in ‘real time’, but it’s pretty close.”

Originally titled If/Then, Ainscough said that sense of not really being able to predict what’s coming is at the heart of the show and really keeps things interesting.

“The original title gives a really good indication as to what it’s about – if this happens, then this may be the consequence. If something else happens, then that will be the consequence. So it’s a game of chance, it’s very much a cat and mouse theme – it has that kind of feel about it.

“The character of Camille is such that she’s very strong and very calculating, and almost asocial. Billy is what I would say a typical, young man who maybe didn’t have the right start in life but has figured out how to get what he wants. He’s charming.

“Ted, the security guard, is a good guy, he’s likeable. And he’s desperate.”

Ainscough said part of what also contributes to the play’s appeal is the style of playwright David Foley.

“I think it has really smart dialogue. And I’ve let the characters develop as they would – right at the beginning I asked each of the actors to write a back story for their characters – where they came from, who they are, what motivates them and why they are doing what they are doing and why they react and respond the way they do.”

As mentioned, Ainscough has been with CAT for many years, and has also worked locally with Prime Stock Theatre.

“I’ve been involved with CAT for almost as long as CAT has been around,” she adds. She’s produced lots of shows, so has a clear understanding of the business side of productions. With directing, she gets to flex her creative muscles, and work towards designing a play with her own particular vision in mind.

“Directing for me meant putting on a completely different hat,” she said. “And it’s been a really interesting journey.”

For ticket information, check out or call 403-755-6626.