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Aaron Pritchett takes on 2019 with a bang

Country singer heads to Red Deer in the New Year

Following a busy and exciting year with his smash single Worth A Shot, country singer Aaron Pritchett is gearing up for an action-packed 2019 with his tour Out on the Town.

“Talk about ‘out on the town,’ it’s basically just out in the country,” said Pritchett about his tour that features Kira Isabella and David James.

“My show is something that starts with a bang and I like to consider it ending with a bigger bang, leaving people wanting more.”

Taking the tour to 30 cities across the country, Pritchett started the year off on a good foot with the release of his six-song EP Out on the Town.

When it came to the EP, Pritchett said he wanted to be really diverse.

“I wanted it to have a lot of flavour to it and not just be your standard day typical songs that you hear a lot on the radio.”

The EP started out with Worth a Shot, a song that did really well on the country music charts.

“It stuck around the top ten for I think six to seven weeks. I haven’t had that sort of success since a single that I had called Big Wheel back in 2006.”

The next single that just came out, called Better When I Do is one of those tracks that he knows the crowds and the radio stations will love.

He then threw a few other songs on the EP, one of those being Top Shelf, a song that’s really different for Pritchett.

“It’s sort of like an alternative country thing and then there’s another one I wrote with Patricia Conroy and Dave Thompson down in Nasvhille called Ain’t Stressin’. It’s very poppy sounding I’d love to admit.”

Also included on the EP is his anthem sing-along called Drink Along, a song Pritchett said may end up being the next release for summer of 2019.

Pritchett said there’s been lots of great moments looking back at 2018.

“Throughout my entire career I’ve had moments where this happened or that happened, an album goes gold or a single goes gold or platinum.

“I look at Worth a Shot and I think about my age, and I think ¬– well I’ve been around this industry a long damn time and to be relevant still is shocking because most people maybe get a five- year window where they’ve had a good song on radio and can’t back it up sometimes – and I’ve been really lucky and fortunate that radio’s been behind me and that the fans have been behind me.”

Growing up Pritchett knew he had always wanted to be an entertainer, but didn’t know in what form or capacity.

“I really wanted to be an actor when I was a kid and when I went through that process of acting in my late teens I didn’t really like it that much because the process took too long,” he said with a laugh.

Things later started falling into his lap and he quickly saw the results immediately from people’s faces.

“They were happy and excited or just entertained by what I was doing, so I stuck with that and got myself into the country music industry because I was a country fan.”

He said the early years were tough. He would play the clubs for 10 years in B.C. and parts of Alberta. It all later came together and he got to recording and fast- forward, he is still going strong.

Going into 2019, Pritchett said he’s going to focus his time on family and friends more than anything.

“Once I get that time and availability to spend with my family and friends – that’s the thing I’ve missed most in my career and I’ve missed time together with my kids and my girlfriend and other family and other friends.”

He currently resides on Vancouver Island.