A super hero with humour

Thor Paramount Rating: PG 115 minutes

Maybe this reviewer has just seen too many movies about superhero comic book characters lately. Some reviewers and many viewers are raving about Thor. It’s not bad, in fact in some ways it’s better than many. Since it earned $66 million opening weekend there’s obviously a huge market for it (the sequel is already underway), but it’s still just another comic book superhero film.

Australian Chris Hemsworth plays an appealing Thor, the god of thunder and son of the Norse god Odin (Anthony Hopkins). He’s about to become king of Asgard, but due to his failure to listen to the wise words of his aging father, is instead banished to earth, along with his mightly hammer.

Down on earth, in New Mexico of all places, he doesn’t have his godly powers, but does manage to fall in love with Natalie Portman, playing a research scientist. Meanwhile, back in Asgard, his nasty brother (Tom Hiddleston) is plotting to take over the kingdom.

While the special effects in this film are only fair, what is nice, and often missing from these comic book-based epics, is a sense of humour. There are a surprising number of laughs, usually at Hemsworth’s expense, since his character usually doesn’t take himself seriously. But Hemsworth shows he’s got a bright future in films. And since the film is directed by Kenneth Branagh, there’s a certain Shakespearean majesty about it all.

By the way, stay after the credits for an important plot development scene.

Rating: three deer out of five

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