Would they have still fought?

Submitted by Barrie W. Brewer in the 18+ category

Would they have fought if only they knew,

Our thanks for free living , were but few,

Who’d keep to the faith, praying mothers to see,

That established this land of the strong, the free?

Would they have died for the cause if only they knew,

We’d stop saying the Lord’s Prayer, yet in schools so few,

In Canadian schools as they’d been taught,

Now look at their land, would they have still fought?

Would mothers have given predigree strong,

To fight fo our freedoms, if she knew we’d do wrong?

In raising our flag no more in our schools,

Nor say allegiance to our Queen, oh but we’re fools!

Remember they fought, they died for a cause,

For freedoms we now have, not for applause,

Remember the mothers whose children they lost,

That we might live freely, oh what a cost!!