Thoughts on World Hockey Championships

We are nearing the time of year when people are ready to plant gardens (the experts say flowers shouldn’t go in until the first weekend in June).

We are also at the time of year when the World Hockey Championships have wrapped up.


You weren’t aware there was another international tournament going on while the NHL is still playing and the Memorial Cup is done?

This is the tournament where the players and officials are covered in enough logos to make a NASCAR driver jealous.

Sure it’s no Spengler Cup but the outfits are like watching a Sesame Street episode brought to you by the letter (fill in the blank).

You won’t see too many big name players wearing their country colours in this one as most are done with hockey by now.

Sure some make the trip but for the most part the teams are young third and fourth line players with the odd big name tossed in there for each team.

But some columnist in Vancouver went on a rant about three Oiler players who refused the invite to play.

He called Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Taylor Hall chronic losers and criticized their decision not to go represent Canada.

All three have done just that many times and I would say we could give them a pass.

The trio were apparently hurt as they played out the string on another dismal Oiler season.

At least, that was the official line on not going overseas to play more hockey.

As for losers, well check their stats over the years and you can see what this writer apparently couldn’t.

As for this international game of shinny, unlike the Olympics and the World Junior tournament, I’d be hard pressed to find many hockey fans who can’t wait for this tournament to start.

It might be time to close the book on this get together as more and more big name players are staying home to recover from the rigors of their full-time job.

Oh, and the Vancouver Province reporter who pointed at the Oilers young trio in his column should take a quick glance at the Canucks who were not there.

Some guys named Sedin and another one name Kessler.

Just saying.