The Olympics and Canadian politics

Canadians across this country were mesmerized by the Olympics. This is the ultimate competition. Participants spent years often times their whole life competing for a shot at an Olympic medal. Others dedicate their lives training others for the chance at Olympic glory. Many more give up time and money assisting the competitors.

So when Calgary’s Gilmore Junio gave up his once-in-a-lifetime spot in 1,000 metre speedskating, so another Canadian could win a silver medal our hearts exploded with pride.

Our coaches and athletes spend years for the competition of the finest and winning on its own is not good enough that is why you see a Canadian head cross-country ski coach chip in to help a Russian skier after he crashed and broke a ski, by supplying him with a new ski.

There are a huge cache of stories about athletes and teams helping competitors and Canadians love them all. Emotions run high; tears flow, hearts burst and memories are made. Too bad we do not see this in other competitions like politics.

Do you think Calgary’s Stephen Harper would give up his spot as leader of the Conservatives so another more popular Conservative could win a majority in 2015?

How many politicians would help an opposition member if his platform crashed during an electoral race? How many politicians would want a level playing field? How many politicians would not be happy if they only won by default, or they only won by over-spending, misdirecting, robo-calls, slandering ads, and ungentlemanly behaviour?

It appears are athletes and coaches, who train for years, sacrifice everything and have very few chances of success are the bigger people, while our political leaders revert to the tactics of the very least to win at any costs.

That could be why so many Canadians watch the Olympics and so few Canadians vote.

Garfield Marks

Red Deer