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Annual Mother Daughter Conference will be combined with Dream It Be It

Soroptimist International of Central Alberta encourages young women to be the best they can be

Soroptimist International of Central Alberta is holding their annual Mother Daughter conference but this time they are combining it with the Dream It Be It conference.

“It enables a family to bring their daughters, especially if they’re ending up in both age groups. So we’ve got a bunch of moms who are coming of course with a younger daughter, but then their older daughter can now come to the Dream It Be It portion and they all come together in the afternoon,” said Sherri Smith, one of the members of the Soroptimist Club.

The moms and daughters in the younger age group, from 10 to 13 years old, will be hearing sessions that will be more geared towards their age.

“The mom’s hearing the same thing that the daughter is so that she understands what was being said, so it’s something that they share together,” said Smith.

The younger group will be hearing a social media session from Jo(e) Social Media.

“The whole premise of that was a lot of parents can’t talk to their kids about social media because kids are so much more informed and so much more inept at it and a lot of parents aren’t so this is a way to hear together.”

They will also be hearing a presentation on cannabis from a pharmacist at the Red Deer Regional Hospital.

“It’s going to be a little bit more information about what this all means now for everybody now that it’s all legalized.”

The older girls in the age group of 14 to 18 years old, who will go in without their moms, will be taking part in sessions geared a bit more towards career encouragement and career planning.

They will be hearing a presentation by a chartered accountant, who will be teaching them how to budget.

The second part of that morning for the older girls is hearing from a career counsellor from the college, who will speak to them about courses and what they need to get into college, encouraging post secondary.

“The whole Dream It Be It program is to encourage post-secondary education for the girls,” said Smith.

She added that all the girls come together in the afternoon to hear a presentation from Amy Roscoe, author of Be Your Own Super Hero.

“They’re all going to work through her work book and they’re going to learn about obstacles and how to handle stress and learning how to work towards what you might want to be in life.

“She laughs and she’s loud and everybody just wants to get to know her, so she’s quite an engaging personality that they’re going to have fun with when she’s there.

“She’ll probably dress like Wonder Woman too,” said Smith with a laugh.

Lunch will be provided for the moms and their daughters.

The combined events will take place Feb. 2nd at Red Deer College in room 2901 in the Cenovus Centre from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For more information and to register for this free conference, call Sylvia Bouteiller at 403 348 9823 or email