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Tackling those many spring cleaning projects

Red Deer designer helps you stay organized

Spring has, admittedly, been a bit of a let down so far.

We experienced nicer days in January then we are seeing today as I look out and see the snow fall lazily like it doesn’t have a care in the world.

It just keeps things messy and muddy and the cold weather is getting on my nerves. I have never been more anxious for spring to get here and it seems to be taking its sweet time.

When a nice day does surface, I have been quick to get things checked off my spring cleaning list, especially windows and window frames as they have built up quite a film over the winter.

Living in the country produces more unique dirt than living in the city and it’s a constant fight to keep horizontal surfaces clean. We also have a wood stove which produces ‘invisible’ soot which settles on window casings and builds up to a black muck in all the corners.

I remember when I was little spring cleaning also meant touching up baseboards and wood trim with paint.

It was always a ‘several days’ project which involved my mom scooting across the floor to paint up the chipped corners on our large baseboards.

It sure made me appreciate the ease of wood baseboards in a home versus painting all the surfaces but hey, everybody has their own preferences!

Wood cabinets and trim are far easier to care for and clean than a painted surface and can be stained in a variety of colours.

Another annual clean I like to do is the appliances, give a good clean to the washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and stove. I know most of us clean our stoves on a regular basis but cleaning the washing machine seems kind of redundant.

The washer (especially HE models) get stinky and can get full of mold if not maintained from time to time. The rubber ring inside the washer should be wiped out with vinegar and dried thoroughly.

The little cups you pour soap and fabric softener into can be removed and run through the dishwasher and you can run a load with apple cider vinegar to clean out the inside mysterious workings of the washing machine.

It is a good time of year to look deeply into corners and to clean those items which may not get any attention during the dark days of winter.

Change your furnace filter and clean out the vents in the bathroom (look up from time to time, those things can get filthy!)

Clean out light fixtures to remove dead bugs, wipe down your blinds and shake out your curtains. Area rugs can use a cleaning and the warm days can be a good time to wash pillows and set them in the sun to dry, it is a good fix for any bacteria which may be residing inside.

It will get here.

Spring is slow to wake up but I know it gets here every year despite how impatient I can become! If you get some unwanted tasks done it will free up your time when the weather does smarten up so you can enjoy all the wonder-filled outside activities which are soon to come.

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Designer/Ask a Realtor’.