Rimbey’s Patrick and Heather Rurka, pharmacists and founders of PHASCO Health, an education-based program providing people with the tools and actions to take control of their health.

For 2019: Be the CEO of your health!

Pharmacists take wellness journey to new level

When mind and body are on the same page, amazing things can happen.

That principle is at the root of Phasco Health, an education-based program providing people with the tools and actions to take control of their health and ultimately their life.

Founded by Rimbey pharmacists Patrick and Heather Rurka, PHASCO – an acronym for Peace, Happiness, Abundance, Significance, Connection, and Openheartedness – guides participants to a place of awareness and understanding that can help with weight loss or management, improved sleeping, peace and energy, healthier relationships, and a redefining of life purpose.

The roots of the program

A pharmacist for 20 years and pharmacy owner for 14, Patrick was accustomed to treating patients’ ailments with medications. But he grew frustrated at seeing patients treated for conditions like Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure without also understanding how lifestyle changes could improve their overall health.

“I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and so I went on my own journey,” Patrick recalls. Emerging from that was the holistic philosophy he and Heather developed into Phasco Health and the belief that “you need to be the CEO of your health.”

The program includes 12 weekly sessions – in-person or online depending – plus five short video updates each week, a group Facebook page and the opportunity to reach out directly for additional support. Once completed, an advanced program is also available.

Be the CEO of your health

Awareness starts with understanding the problem – identifying what’s holding you back and acknowledging those old habits that aren’t working for you. Next, how will you take action – what will you do instead? And finally, follow through with those actions to achieve your goals.

For example, a program participant might explore their emotional relationship with food, and through that new understanding instead come to view food as fuel for body and mind. That awareness changes how they approach eating, which can have a positive impact on their weight.

“Many people we see don’t know what ‘good’ feels like anymore because they’ve been feeling poorly for so long,” Patrick says. “It’s really a chance to turn our attention inward to heal ourselves with love and compassion and view our body as a gift.”

As pharmacists, Heather and Patrick have longstanding relationships with the medical community, and see their efforts to create a super-healthy body and mind as complementing their common goals of keeping people well. After seeing more than 100 people between ages 19 and 80+ complete the program in their first year, the online version will welcome even more.

The power of one, and of community

“Your mindset will help you determine your happiness with your life and we can teach you how to do that,” Patrick says. But when it comes to taking action, “the only person who can do that is you.”

Are you ready for a new you this new year? To register, email Phascoinfo@gmail.com or call 1-403-392-3044.

Says program participant Holly: “I learned so much about how my outlook affects my outcome in life and relationships. Not only did I get great knowledge on myself, but also on how to help my daughter. I am teaching her how to stay positive during the tough times and keep that positive thought process going. I learned a lot about my eating habits and have continued that knowledge with shopping for food for my family. I am so grateful to Heather and Patrick for their knowledge, and for being such thoughtful and caring people. They have really made an impact in my life and the lives of my family.”

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