Using ‘the reverse’

Why don’t teams use the reverse more often?

No one expects it, but you don’t see the reverse as often in football, as I think you should. Sure there’s the end around but that’s no reverse baby. A reverse is a straight up hand off to the running back and then he hands it off to the receiver or slot back reversing the other way.

In the CFL this should work even better. Bigger field gives receiver a better chance at outrunning defenders.

The equivalent in life would be returning something you bought at a store. I love how they always ask you why you’re returning it. ‘Or can I get your address?’

Really? You need my address to return an item? You didn’t need it for me to buy your product, but now you need my full address? What are you going to send me a letter asking how you can improve on my customer experience because I returned socks?

But I digress.

Do you remember playing little league or a hockey tournament and your team was completely screwed over? Maybe the ump allowed the other team four outs in an inning. Or possibly the other team scored a goal after the final buzzer but it was allowed by the referee. Well what happened after that?

A protest! And then what happened? That’s right, nothing. Why? Because everyone knows that when you protest, nothing happens.

Except for the unbiased, incorruptible, always honourable sport of boxing. Wait, did I get that right? Wow, I was right.

On Saturday Oct. 15th, WBC Light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins faced Chad Dawson for the title. In the second round of the fight, Dawson charges at Hopkins, in what can only be called a ‘spear’ in wrestling, knocking Hopkins to the ground.

Hopkins injured his shoulder and could not continue. Yes he wanted to continue with one arm. But he was not allowed. The kicker was that the decision was given to Dawson. Oh boxing, not again! But it wasn’t again.

Hopkins protested the fight. And on Oct. 20th, the WBC announced that Dawson had actually thrown and pushed Hopkins with intent to injure. They decided the match would be a technical draw. Hopkins would remain their light heavyweight champion.

See, if boxing can get it right, you can too hockey! It’s never too late. Brett Hull’s foot was in the crease. Let’s continue that overtime period from 1999! Bring back all the players! Game on!

Ok maybe not.