Sounding off on the CFL wage talks

It’s been one of the strongest professional sports leagues since organized sport was, well, organized.

The Canadian Football League has always been and will always be a working man’s league.

One where most players aren’t making hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. One where they live in modest homes and have regular folks as their neighbours.

One where you appreciate being paid to play football and maybe grab another job to flesh out the take-home pay aspect of your life.

However, once money and only money gets pulled into the equation all the common sense you were born with goes right down the crapper which is exactly what happened recently with the CFL and its players.

Do the players deserve more money?

Of course they do. Should the owners put up more to help the cause? Absolutely, as long as it doesn’t put you in the red.

Both sides were dead wrong to be negotiating in the media but that’s the way things are done in pro sports these days.

Pit the fans against the players or owners and work the system.

Now a deal has been struck and some players are complaining about what their reps did in those meetings.

In the end the players will get a raise which amounts to a lot more than the average working stiff might expect so they should be pleased.

This was not a case of the owners milking the market to expand their lavish lifestyle. CFL owners would still make their money with or without a season because CFL as an investment is akin to putting your cash in a tobacco can and burying it in the garden.

Rich folk aren’t falling over themselves to buy into this poker game.

The players should take what is being offered, play the season and allow this league to get stronger.

This is the financial stability the CFL is in dire need of because anyone who follows the league knows how close to the edge the franchises have lived for the past couple of decades.

It wasn’t long ago when two teams were bankrupt and of course we had Ottawa fold its tent so take some baby steps to get your footing.

In about three or four years this investment and trust will pay off for the players, the league and the owners.

It’s a win/win/win and we as fans will get to enjoy the league we love so much.

Get this done boys! You are a league which cannot afford to alienate any fans and the players certainly can’t afford to miss a paycheque like the owners can.