Reflections on last weekend’s Super Bowl

It was a great lead up to a football game which many anticipated would be one of those in which the last team with the ball was going to win.

Unfortunately the Broncos, a team which recorded 76 trips into the end zone for six, scored one, at the end of the third quarter, in the entire game.

The Seahawks’ defence made the word relentless seem inadequate to describe what they did to Denver. These guys were hitting anything in orange on each and every play.

Maybe that’s why the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn’t wear shirts during the halftime show. Safety first.

On the first offensive play of the game the ball sailed past Peyton Manning, into the end zone.

The ultra, superduper, uber slo-motion replay showed his eyes were as big as any one of Jupiter’s many moons and they remained that way until the final play of this disaster.

The Broncos’ quickness was about the same speed as those slo-mo replays while the Seahawks were galloping past Usain Bolt, the Roadrunner, and the Flash on every play.

This was a demonstration of how a fast, determined and smart defence can take apart the league MVP and his fellow players.

These guys simply did not make a mistake out there and for those Richard Sherman haters out there you can look at how many times one of the smartest QB’s in the biz targeted the guy who says he’s the best.

Even with his bad ankle Sherman was moving at a faster pace than most Denver players in the fourth quarter.

Seattle scored points with a safety, field goals, kickoff return, fumble return, offensive plays and I’m sure they could have found a couple of more ways to score given the time.

Jon Ryan, Seahawks punter and former Blue Bomber had one punt in the game for 45 yards. One punt! He could have gone to a formal dinner in his full uniform and not had anyone spraying air freshener around his table.

Russell Wilson proved to anyone who was watching that you don’t need to be a 6’4” pocket passer to make it in the NFL.

Teams which passed on this guy are now looking at anyone under six feet in the next draft just in case.

In the end, Denver fans can look forward to another regular season with Manning and bemoan the fact they paid a lot of coin to watch a very good Bruno Mars half time show.