Reader hopes to see Korean War veterans honoured

I have written to this newspaper along with a few others in order to make my plea public, and perhaps convince you (Canada Post) to reconsider your decision to say no to our veterans and it may move our Prime Minister to help.

I am unofficially writing on behalf of all Korean War veterans and for those 516 brave Canadian men that died during the war. Those buried on the Korean peninsula remain silent but they are not forgotten by me, their comrades, families and many others.

Canada Post represents all of Canada and the stamps produced each year play an important part in portraying Canadian life and history. Since the end of the War in 1953, only a single Canadian Korean War themed postage stamp has been made and you refuse to make another.

The war lasted three long years, and tragically saw the death of several million soldiers and civilians from both sides of the front line. This world historical event involved many allied countries who fought for the first time under the United Nations banner and with a just cause, to stop a war. I ask you both now, the Corporation and Prime Minister, why will Canada Post not honour our veterans who succeeded in winning the greatest prize – peace.

Next year is the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War cease fire, and before it is too late when our veterans have all passed on, please reconsider your decision NOT to recognize this important historical event with a lasting national honour, a commemorative postage stamp.

Guy Black

Recipient, Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation

Port Moody, B.C.