RDC golfers get new help

Red Deer College is expecting some big things from its golf team with the addition of a new piece of technology.

For the last little while, the college has been using a piece of software called K-Swing, which is computer program that allows duffers to take a look at a four dimensional image of their swing, but also the bio-mechanics of their technique.

“It basically allows them to understand their swing better,” said RDC golf coach Scott Bergdahl.

“Not only that, but it allows us to focus in on specific areas where their swing may need improvement. It gives us very specific data, and gives us an area to start with. It also gives us data that allows us to go back and see if there has been any improvement.”

K-Swing works by getting the user to strap on a vest that is filled with sensors, with those sensors recording swing data and sending it to a waiting computer.

“This technology has been around for a while, but I was actually introduced to it by a guy from Edmonton,” explained Bergdahl, who says the program not only produces better golfers, but has also made him a better teacher.

“As soon as I saw it, I got it, because it was that cool, it was that good of a technology. Basically, we ran a pilot this winter with five of our golfers. The changes in their swings and their bodies, for some of them, were just incredible.”

Bergdahl thinks the program, which isn’t being used yet anywhere else in Alberta, will also be a big help to RDC as far as recruiting more athletes to the program.

“Our program is very well known in Central Alberta, but we need to branch that out,” said Bergdahl.

“We need to attract different athletes, or higher quality athletes. And if an athlete comes here, regardless of their skill level, if they come here and leave as a better athlete, then we’ve accomplished what we’ve set out to do. And this program will only help.”