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Jett Grande wins Gold for Canada in International Mixed Martial Arts Federation Worlds Championship

Red Deer athlete has big hopes for his future in the sport

Red Deer’s Jett Grande has hit an all time high in his athletic career, as he won Gold for Canada at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation Worlds Championship in the Kingdom of Bahrain earlier this month.

“It felt really good. I actually ended up having four fights over there so it was kind of like a tournament,” said Grande in a recent interview.

Grande ended up fighting against New Zealand, Hungary and Bulgaria, winning each of the fights.

“I fought in the Finals against a very tough opponent in Ireland and I won, so I’m very pleased with myself. I think this is going to be a big step in my career. I’m very happy.”

The fight marks Grande’s biggest one he’s ever won in his career.

“I’ve never seen anything like it so far. There were 370 athletes. There were about 12 people in my division and over 54 countries that participated. It was just a big event.”

And preparation for the fights was no easy feat for Grande, who trains out of Arashi-Do Martial Arts with Coach Gary Vig.

“I was training twice a day Monday to Saturday, usually strength and conditioning three days a week and the rest are technique sessions and sparring sessions, just lots of technique practicing my boxing, wrestling, ground fighting like my jiu-jitsu and stuff.”

After winning the fight, Grande hopes to do it again in the future and is looking to go professional, signing with a bigger MMA organization.