Young women shine on golf circuit

It was a special kind of weekend for the LPGA circuit.

For the ladies who play on the tour, it’s always been second fiddle to the boys on the PGA but this weekend the light shone brightly on the women and not the men.

First off, Michelle Wie finally broke the goose egg by winning her first major title.

Now many might think it’s about time because she’s been so close and never won even though she’s been on the tour for years.

Well, a little perspective is needed here. Wie has been around for awhile but as a teenager for the most part of that time.

The 24-year-old was always pushed into the golf stratosphere because of her talent, and so many condemned her as a chronic failure for not winning.

This victory over the best of the LPGA might be the push back into the light and it seems she now has the complete game to make the naysayers change their tune.

Secondly, we can’t pass over the image of 11-year-old Lucy Li who teed it up with the rest of the U.S. Open field which could have been her babysitters instead of playing partners.

Now that’s a play date!

I especially liked the fact she continued to lick her ice cream cone while being grilled by the press after round one.

It would have been nice to see her smile a bit more but the kid has got talent.

I just hope she doesn’t follow the same path as Wie was directed to follow and instead the golfing know-it-alls allow her to be a kid who can play some golf and not hoist her up on the ‘next one’ pedestal.

Lastly, it was a nice touch to have the ladies play the same course for their open championship as the men just a week after.

It might be a trend to catch on as it gave the fans a look at the course from two different perspectives and allowed for some comparisons on shots made into and around the greens.

Kudos to the ladies of the LPGA and if the tour comes back to Edmonton again, go out and watch the girls play.

They can knock it around pretty darn good.