World watching Royals

Royal weddings are funny things. Even folks who decry the British monarchy, who smirk at the idea of royalty as some long lost irrelevant relic from the distant past – even many of these people just can’t resist the spectacle of a royal event.

Of course, we are referring to the wedding of Prince William to a certain ‘commoner’ by the name of Catherine Middleton. It’s going to unfold in all its glitter and extravagance this Friday in the breathtaking setting of Westminster Abbey.

And who doesn’t love a good wedding, especially when it’s opulent, dramatic, even somewhat theatrical in nature?

Even the Americans who often poke fun at the concept of royalty just can’t seem to get enough of the excitement. You can hardly turn on the TV these days without the networks offering every conceivable kind of ‘documentary’ about the Royal Family – weddings of the past, Will and Kate’s romance and how it developed over the past nine years or so. Networks are also virtually tripping over themselves announcing ‘extensive coverage’ of the big day, sending over teams of journalists to report on every facet of the day. Some 7,000 journalists are in London prepping for the event.

Ultimately, it’s refreshing to see something happy pervading the news these days. Many in England have pointed this out, as that country has had its share of societal and economic troubles as of late.

The attraction of a ‘good news’ story stretches of course around the world. It’s uplifting to hear the well-wishes and positive vibe springing from the nuptials.

Canadians are also fortunate in that they’ll be among the first to get a relatively close-up view of the couple this summer. Canada is first on the list for an official visit.

There’s little question that the role of a monarch is barely a shadow of what it once was. They hold virtually no power and are ultimately little more than figureheads. But there is something magical about all the hoopla just the same.

As to the royal couple, the attraction is unstoppable. There are even books that have been hastily published about them in anticipation of their wedding day.

People are also hopeful that this marriage will work, unlike so many others amongst the Royals. People are truly rooting for this couple, and hopefully this time around, things will turn out positively. Some have predicted the demise of the Royal Family, but William and Catherine have that rare opportunity to shine up the image of the ‘The Firm’ on a global scale.