Thoughts on the CFL

What to do about the CFL?

Now that is a very open question and I happen to have an answer to that question and more. They may not be the right answers but I’m offering them up at a discount rate of free.

Let’s talk about the imbalance in the league this year. As of this scribbling the west has shown to be the big dog in the park and I don’t see anything changing in the near future.

The east is certainly the least and Bomber fans are cursing their luck for being moved back to the west one year too soon.

This is where the CFL needs to be one big, happy division of nine teams and then the playoff format and final game will mirror the regular season.

As it stands now, the view is more reflective of a fun house mirror with plenty of distortion.

Toronto is tops in the east but would be dead last in the west by two points. You get the picture.

The origin of the two divisions was loosely based on a nationalistic view of uniting the residents of Canada somehow through separating our football league into an east versus west final.

That just screams unified doesn’t it?

Time to shred the old format and make the CFL one league with a chance two teams from the east or west could meet in the Grey Cup.

Next on the list is the penalty parade we see each and every game.

The officials are calling it by the book for the most part but the book need not be a sports version of War and Peace.

Reader’s Digest is closer to the mark.

An example of what to trim might be the multiple scenarios for pass interference to be called. Allow more of the turf war antics between receiver and defender would be a good way to start.

Coaches can also help the issue by explaining to their players rules are not made to be broken but instead followed.

Can’t do that? Just look at Winnipeg linebacker Ian Wild who has been involved in more than 450 plays this year and has not been flagged once.

He’s either very sneaky or he understands the rules much better than most.

Those are just two ideas to help the sell the game to the people.

You’re welcome sir!