The trendiness and versatility of ceramic tile

Some days I sit in front of my computer and struggle with what to share with you regarding design, sometimes there is nothing new under the sun. Yes we get new products in fabulous new colours but it can tend to be repetitive day after day. It’s kind of like planning a month of meals and you find by the end of the month you are reusing the same ingredients just in different variations.

This is the reason I love ceramic tile. Tile represents the most variation in size, shape and colour and can be applied almost anywhere and in any pattern. There are unending possibilities when it comes to tile and I find that even the most basic spec home can be brightened up and made spectacular with a creative pattern or mosaic.

Tile patterns will trend and we are seeing planks becoming more popular. A plank tile is any long rectangle (usually 4” x 12” or 4” x 16”) which can be laid vertically or horizontally on the wall. They also make a long plank in floor tile which allows you to install a staggered pattern that mimics hardwood. There is also tile which looks like hardwood for that rustic grainy look in wet areas.

While diagonal tile has fallen out of fashion, a variation on it has evolved. Using long planks I am designing more 45 degree installs across floors or to add interest to showers. Chevron or Herringbone patterns are currently very trendy using either a 3×6 subway tile or a long plank. This basket weave pattern is trendy and provides a very interesting background to your homes. When you are considering designing a large shower wall or cabinet backsplash it is recommended that you play with different patterns and directions for your tile.

People are often afraid to play with the patterning of their tiles as they fear they will tire of it in just a few years. The truth is I see people tire of traditional (boring) backsplashes just as quickly as trendy ones. You can still use safe colours which will prolong the life of the style. The great news is, white tile is back on trend so those of you who are afraid of colour will be able to design a completely neutral space that is still funky with just a few changes in direction.

Don’t forget your accessories, mosaics in glass, metal or stone are the absolute hot ticket right now and can be tucked in anywhere. The varying sizes in this material make it ideal to tuck beside or in between other larger tiles. They can blend with the colour or pop out loud as a bright contrast to an opposite colours. Mosaics can be used to frame bathroom mirrors, windows or any space you would like an accent placed, they are miraculous little wonders.

Pick a place you would like to feature and consider tile as an option rather than paint or wallpaper. An elegant tile run up a wall can be an instant focal point in any room and also provides you with a durable and cleanable surface. Let your mind wander as you dream of a new interior with tile as the feature.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.