The DNA protection cream: a far cry from granny’s cold cream

Would you believe it’s possible to have a DNA anti-aging cream that treats the whole range of skin problems?

Would you think it’s too good to be true?

A small Canadian company has developed a cream called Reversa Multi-Tasking Care (RMTC). Clinical studies show this new Tepronone DNA based anti-aging cream attacks wrinkles, dryness, loss of firmness, dilated pores and redness.

You don’t have to be a cosmeceutical expert to know that Shakespeare was only half right when he coined the phrase, “Vanity, thy name is woman.”

Today, reports show that men, even construction workers, are seeking ways to get rid of aging skin. And I know that on the rare occasion when I write a column about skin care, I get huge readership reaction, both male and female.

I find it amazing that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the major area of growth for non-surgical procedures is in the group of men aged 20 to 29.

They are seeking Botox injections and soft tissue fillers of the skin.

I asked several dermatologists why both sexes need such treatment at such an early age. Many replied that, all things being equal, those with a youthful appearance are more likely to get the job in these competitive times.

This worries me. I’m no longer sweet 16. Without Botox or other facial treatment, someone may put this old guy out to pasture. But if I ever felt the desperate need to look youthful, I’d do the thing I’ve suggested for years in this column. I do not believe in cutting off an arm, if amputating a finger would accomplish the same cure.

That’s why I marvel at so many seeking expensive Botox injections and facelifts when effective creams are available. Besides, creams don’t leave you with a wide-eyed startled look, or that something strange has happened to your face.

So what’s revolutionary about Reversa’s Multi-Tasking Care?

In 2009 Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greber and Jack Szostak received the prestigious Nobel Prize for their discovery that chromosomes are protected by telomeres and telomerase that protect skin cells from aging. As we age, cells do not maintain sufficient amounts of telomerase to prevent gray hair and wrinkled skin.

Telomeres has been likened to a time-keeper attached to each strand of our DNA. Each time a cell divides, the strand becomes shorter. But it can only take so many cuts before the chromosomal DNA cannot function normally.

Now for the first time a substance called Teprenone is present in Reversa Multi-Tasking Care. This helps to prevent DNA chromosomal shortening, and slows the aging of skin. It’s a whole new approach to skin protection.

Does it work? A clinical study of the cream was carried out for six months. During this time it was applied to women over the age of 45 twice daily.

Several aspects of aging skin were studied and a number of positive results became apparent. Brown spots were significantly improved in 75 to 100% of patients.

We are all aware of Newton’s Law of Gravity, the apple falling from the tree. Good sense tells us that firmness and tightness of facial skin is necessary to prevent that sagging look due to the everyday effects of gravity.

To counteract this effect there must be cohesion between the skin’s surface and underlying, deeper collagen structures. RMTC causes a 75% increase in firmness and elasticity so it is less easily deformed when suction is applied. This means fewer wrinkles, dilated pores and redness which makes the skin look old and unhealthy. Decreased water loss from skin was also noted.

Reversa Multi-Taking Care is free of paraben, fragrance, oil and volatile silicone. It penetrates easily into skin, can be used under make-up, suitable for all skin types and is supplied in an airless container.

Vanity hasn’t changed since Shakespeare’s time.

Looking good by applying cream is desirable and a reasonable approach. It follows the medical rule of “First, do no harm.”

But resorting to Botox, soft tissue filler injections of the skin and surgery seems to me a fool’s game, often resulting in unintended consequences. In these cases, let the buyer beware.

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