Restoration following nature’s unexpected turns

It has been a wild few weeks, the word on every persons lips is ‘flood’.

Alberta has been ravaged and beaten down by Mother Nature and her fury of rain resulting in massive floods throughout our province. I have watched in horror as entire homes get washed down river and have shed a few tears watching a puppy get rescued out of a strong current – my heartfelt condolences reach out to every person affected by this tragedy.

When this rampage of water started it was in Canmore; a thought of ‘Oh that is terrible, look at all the water’ went briefly through my mind as I continued to plan for my upcoming wedding.

As it became more evident that the destruction was weaving its way throughout many parts of our province and most importantly (to me at the time) to our wedding destination – my thoughts became a little more panicked and I began to watch road and weather reports in earnest. Friday June 21, I was up at the crack of dawn to change locations, ministers and to let our wedding party know that we were heading north – away from all the water to tie the knot.

The weekend continued and was lovely and wonderful but I could not drag myself away from reports of what was happening in our province and I found myself stopping many times to say a quick prayer of safety for people in need. As I had to make several fast-paced decisions so did thousands of Albertans. Some of those split second decisions were life saving. As much as we are uncomfortable with change, when the fight or flight reaction takes hold of us we become masters at making decisions and give little consideration to the change that is happening right before us.

What happens now?

People will slowly make their way back to their homes and will begin to pick up the pieces of their lives. Some will have minor cleanup and some will have lost everything which is unimaginable.

The strength of the human spirit shines in times like these and we realize that possessions are replaceable but our family and friends are not – life will continue on despite the unthinkable tragedy people continue to face.

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God bless our wonderful province as it rises out of the flood waters, we will emerge strong and proud. The show of faith and volunteerism in our communities has already been witnessed by thousands. One of my favorite proverbs is ‘The barn has burned down but now I can see the moon’.

Perspective is a valuable tool, take care everyone.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.