Remembering kind gestures in the bleak January days

Remembering kind gestures in the bleak January days

This is the time of year that a kind gesture or word can mean everything

These can be the bleak days in January, the holidays are over and we are back to the grind in a dark and cold month.

Many people book vacations at this time of year but for many it can be a time of reassessing your finances and paying off some overspending.

I hope that you are not in the depths with too much spending over the holidays; we had a very quiet and low-key Christmas as I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t shop, plan or even cook but I can tell you that even that low-key Christmas was as memorable and wonderful as any I have ever had.

We were missing a few halls decked but everyone still enjoyed family time together and no one missed all those little touches that I usually knock myself out to achieve.

So this has taught me a huge lesson; I don’t need to run around like a crazy person for a gathering to be special.

It isn’t even about me! Go figure that it would take me almost 50 years to figure that out.

I enjoyed my family and had time to visit because I was sitting on my butt for weeks and still Christmas happened, and it was wonderful! I learned that people love me and are willing to help when I ask and it was both humbling and liberating to accept the help of friends and family alike because for the first time in my life I physically couldn’t push myself to make things happen.

When you are at this point for the first time in your life you quickly recognize that you have put your emphasis on the wrong things for a very long time.

My home was as festive as it has ever been – was there a layer of dust here and there because my husband couldn’t do it all before company arrived? Yup!

Did it horrify me at first?

Sure did, but as people gathered and brought treats and baking I was amazed and relieved at the time I got to spend visiting with everyone.

The spirit of the holidays was alive and well and I was so grateful for the time spent with family and friends.

Often we wait until things are perfect and our houses are spotless before we entertain and it is too bad because it often doesn’t come together because our perception of how it needs to look inhibit us from welcoming people into our home.

I know I have preached this many times over the years but this time I lived it firsthand and can tell you that it is as merry and as festive as it is when everything is perfect and polished.

I was nervous at first and worried that things wouldn’t go well without my almighty hand upon the season but am I ever glad to be proven wrong!

Your neighbours are lonely, your best friend needs tea and conversation and your local police/nurses/paramedics would love a delivery of homemade cookies. Take time and open up yourself, your home and give some time to show people you care. This is the time of year that a kind gesture or word can mean everything.

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Kim Wyse Associate Royal Lepage Tamarack Trail Realty’.