Reflections on the Ryder Cup

Another Ryder Cup is in the books and the ledger will show another European victory over the Americans.

It boiled down to the simple fact the Europeans just flat out played better than the Americans and that about sums up golf at any level.

Apparently Phil Mickelson has a vastly different view of what went wrong over in Scotland last week.

During the post cup press gathering he essentially tore apart team captain Tom Watson’s blueprint for the American squad.

Many journalists there said it was the most awkward press conference they’ve seen in quite awhile because during Phil’s frank discussion of the plan, Watson was sitting just a few chairs over.

Many have applauded Phil for saying out loud what the American players were thinking. Some have come down hard on him for blasting a legend such as Watson in front of the viewing public. Now Phil may have had an ulterior motive as he was benched by Watson for one day of play when he felt he should play.

So was this sour grapes or a heartfelt response to yet another thumping at the hands of the Euros?

Well, I have yet to see a captain hit a shot in Ryder Cup play so you can score that one for Watson. He didn’t miss critical putts or hit wayward drives like the players.

At the same time, his decision to bench Jordan Speith and Patrick Reed right after they clobbered the Europeans in the morning was a bad call, flat out.

Word is Watson was all about doing it his way and his way only and when you have a bunch of millionaires on the team it might not be the best approach, legendary golfer or not.

Now maybe there is something as to who you play at certain times but the simple answer is ride the hot hand and you’ll likely be fine.

Once again the Europeans went at it with precision shot making and timely putting. The Americans countered with playing their own ball very well but terrible results when they had to really partner up. All this was followed with some schoolyard finger pointing in public.

At least they have two years to work on the next blueprint.

Maybe Phil and Tom can brainstorm on this one together.