Readers concerned about wild horse cull

I am writing today to encourage all Albertans to continue with the journey of forcing the Alberta Government’s cull of Alberta’s wild horse to cease.

The wild horse populations in Alberta date back before the European settlers arrived dating back to a Spanish horse foundation. Why does the Alberta government refuse to see the value in protecting our natural resource and a major part of Alberta’s Heritage?

In the eyes of the Alberta government these magnificent animals are considered “feral”.

Webster’s dictionary defines feral as “having escaped from domestication and become wild.”

How could these horses have escaped domestication over two hundred years ago when the west was not settled nor explored. Alberta’s wild horses are a true heritage species and need the legislation to protect them.

Please write or call Honorable Diana McQueen of Environmental Sustainable Resources at 1-800-542-7307 or email at and demand that we start protecting this species, having them designated as Alberta’s first Heritage Species.

The last two cull seasons 350 head have been removed and taken to slaughter. Her department claim there are 770 head left in the western foothills.

Two more cull seasons, and this Alberta government will have wiped out the wild horse population, taking with it the unique gene pool that has evolved and wiping out a complete section of the natural food chain.

Please write or call her office to stop this senseless slaughter and protect a species natural to Alberta.

Wayne Krejci, Shelby MacKenzie