Prepping your home for the colder months ahead

Can somebody please tell me what just happened?

How did we slide from summer into almost winter? I am waking up to a freezing cold morning instead of a crisp, colourful fall day and I am here to announce that I am NOT happy!

Hopefully the last few weeks of September will bring us the pumpkin-y spiced days we crave which allow us to wear our cute sweaters and scarves and will encourage us to live outside as much as possible while we soak up these last few rays of sun.

There is always a bit of action around the home for preparing for fall; garden hoses need to be put away and the lawn needs that final raking.

People scramble to put a coat of paint on outside items before the cold sets in and leaf clean up seems endless. It is a very good time to clean out window tracks and clean screens while you can still leave windows open during the daytime.

Carpet or upholstery cleaning is recommended as the air is still warm and dry enough to allow the fabrics to recover. Cleaning carpets in the fall is a good way to improve air quality as you head into the months of closed windows.

As we prepare for more inside time, the creatures around us also start to be more interested in coming inside where it is warm.

You may find a mouse or two, spiders or domesticated pets are invading your space more that ever at this time of year. We have been dealing with a skunk who likes to hang out on our deck and snack on the dog food at night so we have had to be more diligent in not leaving treats out for the little stinker.

It is a good idea to check access points to your home such as basement window seals, dryer vents and weather stripping on doors.

Ensuring that these areas are tightly sealed will prevent many unwanted creatures from entering your home and will keep you from having to catch or squish the offending visitors. Store bought repellents and natural essential oils placed at opening points will discourage those critters from coming near your home but stick with natural products if you have pets around.

Trimming perennial plants and raking leaves away will give nasty or furry friends less places to hide and will give you an easier clean-up in the spring.

The maintenance and care you take now means that nothing damaged or compromised has to sit over a freezing, wet winter and you can be safe and snug in your home knowing that is it secure and clean inside and that you haven’t brought anything unmentionable inside to live with you all winter!

Wrap yourself in cozy this winter and prep your home sweet home so you are able to enjoy a stress and maintenance-free winter. When it is cold outside and you are safe in your home knowing that your air quality is sweet and that you have no mysterious mice lurking in basement and no suspicious spiders hanging in corners you can relax and enjoy time with your family. Happy fall everyone, whether you like it or not!

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.