Originality is key to extraordinary home decor

Sometimes the unconventional is what grabs our attention and shouts in our faces.

You have been touring show homes all weekend feeding on a steady diet of new homes one repeat after another. It’s kind of like lining up at the same buffet all weekend; after several hours everything tends to look and taste the same.

Suddenly you find yourself in an unconventional bathroom with a custom walk-in shower, you turn to see a large, deep farmhouse sink in that same bathroom that houses two sets of taps.

His ‘n hers sinks in one fantastic package; this is unexpected decorating!

A sink that is conventionally used in a kitchen graces the ensuite. Taps and lighting are reminiscent of vintage hardware and is largely over-scaled. These details are such fun and will make your home stand out from the rest.

The variety of fixtures available for bathrooms is astonishing. You can wander into most plumbing contractors and be greeted by bowls, wading pools, squares, vessels, troughs, pedestals and the traditional oval sink. The white sink of our forefathers is no more as we have the vast choices of china, glass, stone, metal, copper, cast iron and even sinks made from wood and various small rock formations.

More amazing than his/hers sinks is the possibility of his and hers toilets separated by private walls!

I think marital bliss would be ensured if this became a common feature. I also feel that you men out there should be allowed to budget for a toilet in your garage. It is a luxury but it makes you very happy and you can leave it as messy as you like which is a sure path to marital bliss.

With most new homes having a minimum of two bathrooms (often three), there is usually a small two-piece powder room on the main floor. This is generally pimped out as the ‘fun’ bathroom, the room for your guests to use and to be wowed as they wash their hands.

Use fun colours, quirky materials and let this tiny room be a reflection of your personality. Feel free to use unconventional flooring such as wood or cork in these cubicles as there is no concern with humidity in a powder room.

Combine a rustic hardwood with ultra white, glamorous tile for a cool juxtaposition or mix contemporary cork flooring with vintage subway tile spanning floor to ceiling.

When you are working on a unique design, don’t forget to keep an eye out for one of a kind finishing pieces for your spaces.

Resist the urge to succumb to the big box just because it is available but instead keep on the lookout for unique finds that will be the star of your decorating project. It is not uncommon for an entire room to be built around a unique sink or piece of art.

The buffets will always be there and they are ALWAYS open.

Instead, search and research to find those unique locally-owned restaurants which serve one of a kind dishes with authentic flavours and ingredients.

It is always better to dine on a lovingly hand-crafted borscht in a local bistro than to choke down the powdered, packaged cream of mushroom you pick up quickly in a drive-through!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.