Once in a lifetime moments

In the world of sports, professional or amateur, there are moments within each sport which participants strive to meet.

Not everyone looks to achieve these moments simply because not everyone has the physical skills to make it happen.

In football it might be a long touchdown run from scrimmage, a deep pass for six, a punt return or kickoff which ends in the end zone or maybe an interception or fumble recovery.

In hockey, maybe scoring the overtime winner on a breakaway or for a goalie, posting a shutout.

Basketball players might want to hit that dramatic free throw or three-pointer to win the game.

For a baseball player it might be the game winning home run or for a pitcher, a no hitter.

The list goes on and on but you get the point.

All the above scenarios play out on a somewhat regular basis around the world of sport, some more than others, so when something rare happens it should be marveled at, no matter who accomplished it.

In the world of golf, breaking 90, 80, 70 and for those very few, 60 are moments to be cherished and fondly remembered.

Once again, these are moments which occur on a somewhat regular basis and it’s all relative to the ability of the player but there is another aspect of the game which any player at anytime could be in the spotlight.

The hole in one is very rare with one article on the odds of an ace ranging from 3,000 to one for a tour player to 12,000 to one for a regular player.

The longer the hole, the longer the odds of knocking one in from the tee but you can toss those odds out the window for Mike and Noreen Unsworth of West Vancouver , B.C.

The pair were playing the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club earlier this month when Mike knocked in a seven iron from 118 yards on hole #10.

Noreen stepped up to the tee and stroked a rescue club with the ball stopping in the hole as well.

The third in the group, Bobby Shoptra didn’t can one. I guess he didn’t get a read on the shot from the other two.

The odds of this happening are 26,000,000 to one but maybe a little less for these two. It was ace number two for Mike. He takes a back seat to his wife however.

It was the 13th hole in one for Noreen. It seems she has that shot in her arsenal.