Natural remedies and illogical attacks

Ignorance of facts, even by physicians, continues to be an enemy of truthful therapy

Break a law and you end up in jail.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” it’s said. So should ignorance of medical facts excuse anyone? Time and time again so-called medical experts publish illogical reports without repercussion.

Recently, a physician stated publicly, “There is no case for vitamin supplementation in normal, healthy, non-pregnant adults who are receiving the recommended daily intake of nutrients.”

But is this medical fact or fiction?

Bill Sardi, a commentator on health issues, takes issue with this statement in the well-respected publication, Orthomolecular News Service.

The doctor offered so-called proof of his statement that serious toxicity occurred in Arctic explorers who consumed the liver of bears, which is rich in Vitamin A.

This caused increased pressure in their brain, vomiting, double vision and convulsions.

But Sardi explains that bear’s liver contains millions of international units (IU) of Vitamin A. So obviously humans should not eat bear’s liver.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition adds it would take 25,000 to 50,000 IU of Vitamin A supplement daily for several months to cause liver problems. So why worry patients when taking the normal dose of 5,000 to 10,000 IU daily has a long history of safety?

The same doctor wrote that Vitamin D is not needed, unless there is clinical indication for it.

This, in spite of the fact that an Institute of Medicine report indicates that 25 per cent of North Americans are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency.

Office workers get limited sun exposure. And a study showed that children only receive seven hours of sunshine a week. Moreover, during winter months, due to the angle of the sun’s rays, it provides zero amount of Vitamin D, even if people were to stand out naked in the noon day sun.

What borders on insanity is another statement that the daily amount of Vitamin C should not exceed 45 milligrams daily. I wonder where this critic has been hiding for so many years.

We know as proven fact that, eons ago, a human gene mutation stopped the human production of Vitamin C. Animals, with the exception of the guinea pig, were fortunate and escaped this mutation.

Dogs, for instance, manufacture 5,000 mg of C daily. But should a dog develop an infection, or be injured, it will manufacture up to 100,000 mg daily!

I find it amazing that this critic has not heard that several hundred thousand milligrams of intravenous Vitamin C saved the life of a New Zealand farmer dying of Swine Flu virus.

Moreover, it is well documented that Dr. Frederick Klenner, a U.S. family doctor, saved 60 polio patients from developing paralysis during the 1948 epidemic of this disease by prescribing intravenous C.

Today, in spite of these historical facts, it’s appalling that many physicians still do not know that polio, meningitis, encephalitis, other viral diseases and even the bite of a rattlesnake can be cured by large intravenous doses of Vitamin C.

What I am writing about is not science fiction.

It’s a fact that a pill containing 500 mg of C is not going to protect you if faced with devastating infection, severe emotional stress or major surgery.

These problems immediately decrease the reservoir of Vitamin C in the blood. In these situations 10,000 to 20,000 mg of oral C daily are required to restore blood levels. And since C is water soluble, and lost in the urine, this amount should be taken in three divided doses.

Sardi’s article points out that 100 million diabetics in North America have a greater need for Vitamin C. So do 50 million Aspirin users and millions that still smoke, abuse alcohol, or take drugs, such as diuretics that deplete blood levels of Vitamin C.

Sardi adds that hospitalized and nursing home patients all require additional Vitamin C. And an often neglected point, so do growing children. Sardi concludes that out of a U.S. population of 325 million, 200 million have inadequate amounts of Vitamin C and must rely on vitamin supplements. Medi-C Plus and other forms of high-powered C can be obtained at Health Food Stores.

Ignorance of medical facts, even by physicians, continues to be a stubborn enemy of truthful therapy. These facts must be repeated until everyone listens.

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