Multiple trends are spicing up décor options this year

Last week I was on the most fun consultation with a lovely reader, I went to her house and then we buzzed off to Winners for a quick look at updates for her living room.

This lady was pleasurable and up for almost anything new and boldly coloured.

We found a few stunning items in a short period of time and I sent her off with a car full of new accessories, very fun!

I was thrilled to see the many elephant inspired designs (I love elephants) and was surprised to find some cheery ceramic birds which my client immediately loved.

I remember designing a lake house with birds over 10 years ago and was surprised to see them again. These birds were fat, high gloss blue ceramic and they were absolutely adorable. A nice way to bring a nature inspired theme with a punch of colour into your home.

Being curious, I googled a few design tips and trends web sites and you will never guess what I found – that’s right, birds!

Feathers and eggs were predominant in most colours, textures and fabrics. The egg ‘shape’ is a popular item and to go along with it, feathers are hip and happening for décor in 2013.

From pillow fringe to lampshade embellishment feathers are fabulous and used to adorn many interior projects. While hardly a durable or practical choice, feathers can be included in many wall hung items from picture frames to wreaths to clocks. I have a blanket trimmed with chocolate brown and teal feathers and whenever someone sits on my sofa, a feather or two is always drifting around the house afterwards so I would not recommend toss cushions or ottomans covered in feathers!

If you love feathers, take heart as there are multitudes of feather inspired products.

Ceramics, wood and metal sculptures are in abundance and are all inspired by the perfect shape of the feather. Colours such as emerald and sapphire are also coming to life in dozens of different fabrics so you can have your feather inspired interior in the most vivid of colours.

African inspired animal prints are making their presence known in 2013, we have seen an influx of carpet in these patterns both multi-toned and monochromatic and I think the carpets are such fun!

Upholstery fabric and wallpaper are also available for a smaller punch of print. Personally though, if I were building a home for myself right now I would carpet my gigantic walk-in closet in brown and black cheetah print. My perfect walk-in closet is designed so well in my head!

The third and final hot trend to watch for is houndstooth.

Originally introduced in 1885 by clothiers De Pinna, houndstooth was traditionally created for men’s suiting and overcoats.

Since then, it has crept into all types of fashion and home décor but until recently was still offered in traditional black/white or brown/white combinations. The gloves are off and it is as vivid as you can imagine with greens, pinks, reds and oranges sizzling with the white counterpart.

This pattern looks amazing in almost any scale from moderate to oversized and will add a tailored yet fashionable look to your home.

Design this year is going to be a great deal of fun and frivolity!

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.