Making sure your home is ready for autumn

The past few dreary hazy days have made me realize what is ahead after summer breathes its last breath and I’m very sad to see it come to an end!

There is nothing like long lazy summer days where you go with the flow and let the sun warm you as it travels across the sky.

Inside projects are put aside because we don’t want to let one day go to waste and that to-do list will always be waiting for you when the weather turns colder.

The flower beds need to be pruned and the fall fertilizer needs to be put on the lawn as we prepare for a quiet winter sleep. Your home should be looked after in similar ways as we brush off summer and get ready for fall.

Window tracks and screens should be washed and wiped to remove dust and debris from summer storms (we have had quite a few!)

I have left my bedroom window open during a few storms and my blinds and window sills sure need some attention.

This is a good time to change your furnace filter and have your ducts cleaned before that first cold spell has you rushing to turn up the heat.

Maintenance now will help you avoid a furnace that may not work when you need it to so a call to your trusted furnace guy is prudent and you can beat the rush of other unprepared homeowners.

Elements in your furnace can become dusty and it is a good idea to give it a little maintenance in preparation.

Nobody likes that first firing of the furnace when the whole house smells like burnt dust for the first little while.

While it is still warm, pull apart your dryer vent hose and give all those parts and pieces a good vacuuming. Make sure the hose to the outside is secure and has no space for little critters to invade, when the weather starts chilling out, the mice and spiders will look for any chance to get into your home.

I am scheduled for my yearly maintenance on my washer and dryer this fall and it is a good reminder for me to make sure all things are in good working order as the option to dry things outside is soon going to not be an option!

Shake out the scatter rugs and the curtains.

Put your entry mats outside and give them a quick hose down after spritzing them with a light cleaner. I use thieves cleaner in a spray bottle as it deodorizes without a great deal of suds. A coat of cleaner and then a quick blast of water helps to get rid of the debris from the summer and deodorizes the mats to give you a fresh entry into fall.

It is much easier to do this now on a warm sidewalk then to try and accomplish this indoors.

Of course many of these tasks are no fun and can be better accomplished by a professional cleaning service while you sip your last few mojitos on a patio with friends.

Either way you will have a fresh start to your fall and your home will welcome you back indoors with open arms. Nothing makes us appreciate our homes like a chilly fall day.

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Designer’.