Make sure to colour it up in 2014

You are reading this after ringing in 2014, I hope your New Year’s Eve was fantastic! I am currently cruising down the West Coast of Mexico with my hubby as we take a delayed but deserved honeymoon. Sorry if the weather is cold where you are!

I have never been to Mexico but I’ve watched many tourism videos and looked at pictures of our destination so I feel like I will be prepared for the wonderful sights I will see. I am very excited about the jewelry I hear about (silver, turquoise, shells, etc.) and I cannot wait to get into the warm winds and see the vibrant colours that are classic Mexico.

There are certain places in the world that I have visited – St. Johns, Newfoundland and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic where the homes are painted vibrant and often ridiculous colours. I love them all and could take endless pictures of pink, purple and orange homes which look perfectly in place yet would start a neighbourhood war if they were ever seen here. Your neighbour gets out the paintbrush and begins to paint their house with an electrified lime green and what do you do? You probably won’t rush out and pick up a brush or suggest hey why don’t you paint the trim bubble gum pink, that should look great with the green! You would more likely be calling your realtor to list your house before your property value plummets.

I challenge you in 2014 to put more colour in your life, be brave and just go for it! Don’t allow yourself to buy one more black item to wear and do not put another paint soaked brush in beige to your walls without considering the possibility of colour. We live in so many months of cold grey and white I think it is imperative that we surround ourselves in colour. The instant way to do this is with a coat of paint, your house probably needs painting anyway – am I right?

Ok, so you don’t feel like painting – why not change the accent colour in your living room? A few accents and you are in a completely new space. This needs to be done with carefree abandon, no buying dark beige pillows for your chocolate brown sofa – that is copping out. Pick a colour that excites and cheers you. Throw a powerful punch at your room with pinks, purples, oranges and yellows. This is not time to be scared or second guess yourself, go out and get the accessories and then build on what you have found with a new area carpet and some textiles (like drapery).

Now step back, marvel in your new living room then take it one step further. Whatever colour you have chosen, use the opposite colour on the colour wheel and do some secondary accents. Ask Google for an image of a colour wheel, it’s easy! Choose a few smaller pieces in the complimentary colour and enjoy the pleasing effects these colours have on your eye and on your mood. My living room contains accents of deep teal, red, chartreuse and washed orange/yellow, all these colours work opposite each other – it is a wonderful palette and I am going to add to the family with some purchases from Mexico. Stay tuned for the new colour addition!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.