Jumping up your personal sense of style

How many of you remember the 80s?

I am an 80s girl to the core and fondly remember many things about that time in my young life (especially the music)!

Recently while in Vegas I went to a live production of Rock of Ages and was in very familiar company with other 40 somethings who rocked out to old familiar tunes while secretly missing their gigantic hair.

In the 80s we moved to and renovated a three-storey brick heritage home that was a true labour of love, every facet of that house was altered in some way as my mom put her personal touches into each room. As big as hair was in the 80s, the drapery in the 70s and 80s was even bigger and believe me, did our house have drapery! I think certain rooms had three separate drapery rods stacked on top of one another for mom to achieve the desired look. Kind of like the layers of hairspray I used to pile on my perfectly permed locks.

Drapery, like 80s fashions has undergone a dramatic evolution over the past 30 years.

I doubt we will ever see the flounce and pleating of those huge blouson concoctions again but some of the retro patterns are making a re-debut in drapery fabric and patterns and colours are fearless. Damask, chevron, toile and southwestern inspired Ikat are all presenting in bold, bright colours.

Drapery styles may be simpler but they are making up for this with high contrast in colours. It is very common to see a white or ivory-based fabric with a bold pink and tangerine embroidery chain stitch emblazoned across.

Orange (which is my favorite colour) is back yet it is softer and closer to the salmon/peach we all loved in the late 80s. This colour combined with teal is trending very strongly right now and continues to have a huge impact on interior design.

Nothing completes a room like a well designed drapery; even if you are using prefabs you can still get a custom look through layering and beautiful hardware.

Drapery styles still remain straight and sleek but patterns and lush fabrics make up for the simplicity of the design. I think that even though we are done with the ruffles of the 80s, the sequins, sparkle and metallic available now restores the over the top sensation we used to love. The practical side of curtains is sound reduction, room ambiance and light control which will improve any rooms function and design.

I had to throw that in here for practicality purposes as it can’t all be glitz and big hair, can it?

So I say to you children of the 80s, rock on!

Grab some fun, over the top design style and don’t be afraid to add an additional splash of colour and dazzle. We all remember what the 80s was all about; big hair, bold fashion and a sense of uniqueness and fun. This should be incorporated into every home, there should be a huge sense of WOW when you walk into your space and it should reflect your amazing character to a T. Don’t be afraid to jump up your personal sense of style!

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.