It’s the ideal season to make your home sparkle

It’s the ideal season to make your home sparkle

The spring market is always busy in relation to home improvement and real estate

Well, we seemed to have skipped spring and went right into summer!

All the spring ‘things’ are happening but at 25-30 degree temperatures. I’m sure the plants and trees are having growing pains from sprouting so fast!

The spring market is always busy in relation to home improvement and real estate yet this year it seems like nobody has had the chance to ease into it like years before.

It’s as if there was a night we all went to sleep and woke up with both spring fever and summer breezes facing us and it is confusing!

Where April and May are usually time to repair and clean up the home and yard, the warm weather has us wanting to jump ahead and the lingering snow has so many people wanting to try on a new home – the phone never stops ringing!

This time of year us agents go out and take warm weather pictures of listings to put on MLS so that the house no longer looks cold and blanketed with snow.

In many cases I haven’t been able to see the yard because it was listed in the middle of the deep frozen winter so it can always be a nice surprise to see some of these properties with the new growth around.

The light at this time of year is beautiful, we have lingering sunsets and bright skies and it can be the perfect time to show your house to a possible buyer.

It is also the perfect time to brave a new paint colour or design element in your home.

Decisions will never be as bright or encouraging as this time of year. People are often inflicted with spring fever not knowing why but the lighting is a big part of the home design rampage, there is nothing as beautiful as lighting during April/May/June.

The advantage of these days is projects can be done into evening light, temperatures are warm so it isn’t a burden keeping doors and windows open and everyone around is having some sort of sale or incentive for you to upgrade and improve your space.

It is simply the perfect time of year to create life in your home or to find another place to dive into!

I always get this bug this time of year and my paintbrushes vibrate in storage in either fear or anticipation of what work I will ask of them.

My itching is to paint my front door copper, all metallic.

It will be a fabulous addition to the front of the home and I think the sheen will look just right when the low light of dusk sweeps across the front of the house.

So take advantage of this beautiful, light-filled season – whatever you want to call it.

I’m going with SPRUMMER, the spring that wasn’t and the summer that is early. Blow open the doors and get creative with your home. Make it sparkle and shine and put it on the market or decorate and restore your home for your enjoyment, we have had winter LONG ENOUGH!

It’s time to glow.

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Kim Wyse Associate Royal Lepage Tamarack Trail Realty’.