Introducing the 2015 ‘colour of the year’

It has been announced! Pantone has released its 2015 colour of the year which is, in my opinion, a delicious and hearty choice.

May I introduce you to Marsala, colour # 18-143 – a delicious and visually aromatic brown with plum and scarlet undertones.

If you are imagining a glistening glass of Marsala wine then you are visualizing the perfect colour.

In the past this colour has been introduced as burgundy, maroon, and claret but the offering this year adds definite earthy brown and less purple undertones than before.

The beautiful thing about this colour compared with previous years’ bright tones is that it can be combined with almost anything.

You can utilize this fragrant shade with any combination of neutrals, blacks and greys to add a new infusion of oak barrel aged wine. A simple swash of this colour in our winter wardrobe will brighten up any black dress and it makes the perfect colour choice for your next manicure – don’t forget to pick up the co-ordinating lip stick!

I think this is a perfect tone to downplay the red in our Christmas decor.

This colour goes with all the holiday tones and will add a warm glow to our decorating without the glaring harshness of primary red.

We should re-dress Santa in a Marsala coloured velvet suit this year! Because of the warm undertones, this colour is especially beautiful with gold and has always been one of my favorite colours for candles as the scent is usually mulled cider or cranberry.

This is the colour that I think everyone can use and embrace and it is a colour that will be in style for a very long time so don’t be intimidated to use this in larger decorating projects in your home.

The wonderful thing about a full bodied colour such as Marsala is that it is soothing and calming, much like a glass full of fortified wine and will add body and elegance to any interior.

This shade goes well with any type of wood grain and tone and will easily pour into your home or wardrobe. Try out our C2 Paint Gorgeous (C2-551) to introduce your home to this complex colour.

During the winter months in Alberta, we all need a little warmth.

The glow of a fire while we sip a fragrant glass of wine while sitting by a roaring fire wearing our new merlot shaded cable knit sweater is a certain recipe for comfort and joy throughout the frigid temperatures!

Indulge this month in a new pair of gloves and a scarf in this deep, delicious shade and let it take you to the regions of Marsala, Sicily with its picturesque coastlines and mild breezes. You might need to rent the movie Oceans 12 to see some of the lovely scenes of Sicily as you imagine yourself in warmer climates.

The colour of the year will begin appearing in home decor and fashion outlets soon, so keep a close eye out for this decadent colour and gear yourself up to use it in your home and wardrobe in the coming year.

Pantone is the leader in setting colour trends and this is yet another example of the colour of the year being a full bodied colour to add to our lives.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.