Incorporating a unique beauty into any room

As I furiously struggled this week to find something creative and inspiring to write about, I asked my friends via facebook for ideas and questions.

The responses were fun and varied and I laughed out loud when my niece suggested that I write about how to incorporate cat trees into design! My response was no way but the suggestion was hilarious.

Over the many years I have been designing I have seen so many inspiring and wonderful spaces, how I wish for the ease of social media to collect the visuals that I have gathered. There are many parts that make up an impressive home or office and I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.

The initial way to make an impression for your home or office is with your front door. Consider the face of your property and spend a little extra time and money making it supercharged.

Larger front doors, window and wrought iron detail are all so welcoming and beautiful.

This says ‘please come in’ and welcomes everyone to your home. If budget restricts you then a fun paint colour is a reasonably priced option.

The condo I used to own sent out a memo to all residents that the exterior doors needed to be painted and gave us a palette of colours to choose from. As each door was painted the entire complex took on a more vibrant feel, it was a treat to see each door receive its own special personality.

Unusual spaces such as alcoves, unexpected corridors and niches in rooms will give amazing personality to any room. It’s even better if you can boost the style factor with tile, wallpaper or a paint finish. One of our designers loves to tile and put mosaic marble tiles in her home’s alcoves.

It was a whimsical touch that enhanced these small recessed drywall spaces. Ceiling beams, large baseboards and window sashes are all wonderful and relatively easy ways to add visual charm to your home. A plain square room that receives a custom bookcase or additional trim pieces will transform into an interesting and unique space.

Windows are the essential part of your home that let light and air into a room.

They can also incorporate the beautiful outside world which can be used in decorating your home. Think outside the box when it comes to windows, if you need more wall space consider putting in long thin horizontal windows high up on a wall to allow for a sofa underneath.

Look at the exterior view and work from the outside in as you make the most of the best view.

My bathroom window is tiny and has a privacy film on it, to my delight in the evening the light shining through illuminates the tree outside which looks like a zen screen!

This wasn’t planned but I truly love this little piece of art brought to me by nature.

Big or small, expensive or entry level you can incorporate unique beauty into any room in your home with a few specialized items.

Make sure every room in your home has that ‘it’ feature that will catch your attention and ignite your creativity – or at least just makes you smile.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.