How would a visiting celebrity affect your décor?

Today one of our flooring crews found themselves in the right place at the right time (again) and ended up buying lunch for Canadian legend Ron MacLean!

Last year that same crew was installing carpet in a home in the new Clearview area when super contractor Mike Holmes showed up on site!

It is such a thrill to meet your idols and such an exciting insert into your day when the unexpected happens.

Do you remember that celebrity moment when you met your hero? I was 13 visiting relatives when I heard that Wayne Gretzky was going to be in the mall signing autographs. You can imagine that my father had no choice but to take me to stand in a very long line to get my first autograph from my childhood hero.

I was a mess! I couldn’t stand still and squealed when I first saw him walk in, it was the early 80’s and he was sporting a fantastic feathered mullet. When I walked up and handed him my paper to sign my mouth was bone dry and all I could do was nod when he asked how I was.

Fast forward about 25 years and I’m sitting at my desk at a flooring store in Medicine Hat when in walks a tall, grey haired man.

He asks me if I have any edging material for carpet so I jump up and walk with him to our warehouse.

After chatting a minute or so I looked at him again and saw the HUGE moustache and exclaimed holy crap, you’re Lanny MacDonald!

He was gracious and laughed and said, ‘Yes, yes I am’ and we continued on to the warehouse to find his piece of trim. Not the dry mouthed shaking teenager but still a very cool experience.

If you were to have your childhood hero visit your home, who would it be?

If you knew your all-time hero was visiting your home what would you do differently? Would you repair, clean, buy new furniture, paint, decorate?

Or can you relax in the home you live in without touching a thing?

I love my home and I think it’s cute and cozy and really reflects who I am so my thing would be cleaning and if I had enough time, maybe new light fixtures to jazz the place up.

I would want Mr. Harrison Ford to be very comfortable as I breezily served coffee and some wonderful home baked treats (which I would have my best friend or sister do for me).

I have often been pegged for ‘doing too much’ in my entertaining and yes I have a dish just for olives and bought a chartreuse green baking dish only for shepherd’s pie (which matches my napkins).

I love to entertain and I love to dress it all up to make even my non-celebrity everyday friends’ feel very special. I cherish each person in my life and enjoy putting on the dog for them and I think it makes them feel very special and trust me, olives taste better when presented in a slim white ceramic boat.

Pull out all the stops, have a simple tea party with all your fanciest things. Serve tiny cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and treat your friends to a fancied up afternoon. To be treated like a celebrity is an experience they will never forget.

Kim Meckler is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre.