Getting back to a regular routine after the holidays

Wyse wishes all good health and heart in the coming year

There is something about the lull in between Christmas and New Year’s that is fascinating to me. It’s almost like a crash and many people are in some kind of twilight zone even if they have to put time in at the office. I am one of those people and even though I am at my desk today working with clients and writing for you dear people, I am in another dimension of time and space and am yearning to be home watching a movie and eating crunchy snacks.

Two groups of people exist in the world; those who want their routine and home back to normal as soon as possible and those who want to stretch Christmas out a bit further.

The first group are tearing the tree down on Boxing Day and making sure all things are put back to normal – diets back on track and sleep patterns re-established.

The second group loll around a bit longer and leave presents under the tree even after they are unwrapped; they are firm on continuing leftover snacking and they might still have carols playing and games out on the table.

I believe that I am a little in between. I do look forward to having life back to normal, yet I love the beauty of Christmas and a lovingly dressed tree which invites me to sit and ponder in its glow.

Decorations and candles which make the night soft and the sounds of music that invokes joy and peace. I want that feeling to last a little while longer then after New Year’s Eve the magic is done and it’s time for life to begin again.

If you have had a few weeks of décor overload and are removing your tree it is a fantastic opportunity to take a look at your home with fresh eyes.

Maybe this is a good time to re-arrange furniture or move some items around. You might have put some household items away during Christmas and realize that you don’t need them back in the room and are visually enjoying a pared down space.

This is always an opportunity for a deep clean because you are reaching in corners to clean out sparkles and tree needles anyhow – take this time to give an extra wipe and clean to some dusty corners.

If your house was like mine and invaded by company, there are linens to wash and beds to make so take this time to turn mattresses and clean pad toppers. Your beds will be ready and waiting for your next set of guests, once you feel recovered enough to invite people back to your home.

Life will start to click back to a routine and you may look back wistfully on the magic and beauty of the holidays or you might be running in the other direction glancing in your rear view mirror thinking, ‘I’m glad that is over’. Wherever you are on the post-Christmas spectrum I wish you all good health and heart in the coming year. May 2018 be the best you have ever experienced!

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.

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