Feeling ‘bah humbug’ about the holidays this year

I’m not going to write about Christmas cheer and about making things merry and bright – bah humbug. Even with all the pretty white snow and the inundation of advertisements and all things glittery I am not into Christmas this year and I can’t figure out why. I am usually breaking out the eggnog and lovingly decorating my home by this time of year but guess what? My tree is sitting in the corner of my living room naked and it doesn’t bother me one bit.

What could be the cause of this anti merriment? This goes against my very nature, my love of the holidays and my passion for sparkly, warmly scented holiday items. A box of Christmas oranges had to be thrown out because I didn’t eat them, what is wrong with this picture?

Perhaps I need an infusion of gingerbread, a visit to Santa or a trip to a reindeer farm to revive my holiday apathy. I’ve consumed a few holiday lattes and even tried to shop for presents but nothing seems to be working and I would really appreciate any suggestions you good people may have.

I am going to get serious this week and bring out my favourite Christmas albums by Michael Buble and Andrea Bocelli and see if I can get my Christmas on. I will simultaneously light pine-scented Christmas candles and sip eggnog while I read The Night Before Christmas in my red plaid flannel pajamas. The scent of pine and turkey and cookies will waft through my house at all times melding into a nauseating cornucopia of holiday scents overwhelming all who enter. My family will know that I have finally lost my senses when I start flooding the driveway in front of my house and encouraging neighbourhood children to come and play hockey on my tiny ice rink just so that I can sit and sip Tim Hortons feeling nostalgic and cheerful.

The problem seems to be no time to slow down. The renovation business has been off the hook the past few months and I am still running like a crazy person helping clients realize their interior spaces. I am so very grateful for this busy fall and wouldn’t have it any other way but I think all my shopping for clients has more than quenched my need to shop for presents.

My family and friends need not panic, as I’m sure the holiday spirit will kick in soon and I will be out and about making the holidays happen. Until that day I am going to enjoy all the wonderful new clients I have been able to meet. This fall has presented me with interesting and exciting projects and I have never before had so many wonderful clients to juggle so in a sense it is like Christmas, just without the sparkly lights and pine scented wreaths.

I trust that you are getting into the holiday spirit and are also enjoying your home.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext. 227 or email her at klewis@carpetcolourcentre.com.