Endless options to explore for new home designs

Having been in school and working in real estate the past several months I felt like I was lagging behind on new styles and colours for interior finishes so I took myself on a little field trip to a new flooring store which has just opened in our City’s north end. United Floors is a business run by female entrepreneurs so I knew I had to check it out to see what a feminine twist on a previously male-dominated business looks like.

To my pleasant surprise, the world of home design hasn’t moved that fast so I didn’t feel quite as left behind as I thought I was!

Some of the old favorites and familiar brand names were there, some with familiar patterns and colours and some new surprises. I saw several examples of hardwood which had a definite blue grey hue and some wild new laminate and vinyl plank patterns which even fooled me as to their orientation. Maybe I have been out of the design world too long!

As always, the tile drew me in with a seductive twinkle and I spent some time looking at the gorgeous glossy shapes.

Tile is no longer square, wall tile is especially curvy with baroque inspired patterns, rounded edges and delightful shapes.

Glass is still very prominent yet there were many different treatments than I had seen before. Sparkle, gloss, metallic and mirrored finishes were all beckoning me and tempting me to create yet another backsplash design for my kitchen. It was all so enticing.

Carpet hasn’t changed all that much which wasn’t a big surprise as the evolution of broadloom has always been very slow.

The plush fibre is softer yet stronger than ever which feels very decadent underfoot but as you would expect the colour and look of most carpets are still neutral and safe.

There are a few bold patterns for the very brave and experimental (a boldly patterned stair carpet is a wonderful solution when the main floor is all hardwood).

I saw some stunning area carpets which really gave me some inspiration for a new look in my living room; maybe someday as I still am very fond of my abstract wool carpet I bought a few years ago.

I have had the current interior look for almost two years so I should hang on for awhile before I revamp the nearly new décor!

I’ve been working on being less tempted to redecorate so often but it is awfully tempting when I go into design shops like I did today and see all the wonderful new products that are available.

If you are planning a build or a renovation in the future, you are in for a lovely surprise!

I can’t think of anything more exciting, messy, rewarding and just plain fun than creating a new interior for your home.

The options and possibilities are endless and now more than ever the rules are tossed out the window. Rustic blends with modern and colour combinations are bolder and more unrefined than ever before.

Dig out your inner designer, gain the advice of a professional or prowl the Internet looking for sources of inspiration and plan for your most divine interior yet; its time to go on a field trip to see the latest and greatest in interior finishes!

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Designer’.