SLEEPING IN - This spacious master bedroom in an Abbey Master Builder show home in Clearview Ridge offers a simple elegant and timeless design.

SLEEPING IN - This spacious master bedroom in an Abbey Master Builder show home in Clearview Ridge offers a simple elegant and timeless design.

Discovering the charms of organic interior design

Being inspired by the beauty of our world and bringing it into your home

Organic architecture and organic interior design have been around since the early 1900s.

Frank Lloyd Wright was the founder of organic architecture as he created world renowned structures such as Falling Water in Pennsylvania where he built a client’s residence over top a waterfall.

It was his love of nature and his requirement to balance structure with the flow around it which termed him the distinction of being an organic architect.

The definition can span everything from where a building is placed on a property to the materials used in creating the structure.

The past decade has truly expanded our knowledge of sustainable and re-usable materials and has also given us many options in choosing organic material for our home. The style of organic modern interiors has been coined and is now commonly used amongst designers when speaking about a clean-edged yet natural feeling interior.

Organic modern is evolving to include wood, stone and other natural features in a home without making it look like a trappers cabin.

Elements such as natural hide, tree bark and even animal skull and horn trophies are becoming more popular in modern edged accessory stores and are now fitting in well with simplistic and contemporary design. Years ago, to use wood flooring usually meant a very traditional or rustic interior and now it can be seen with reclaimed products such as brick and glass in the most modern of lofts and homes.

Wood flooring is now gaining popularity as a wall feature and ceiling detail (remember the wood panelled basements of our childhood? It’s like that only cooler).

Rock and stone are becoming the product of choice and stone features are not just for exteriors and fireplaces anymore!

Has stone become more polished and more refined? Yes, the trend towards high gloss polish is a must in modern interiors but this can always be mixed with water, rustic metal or stone features to bring the organic element into the design.

Bringing in an organic element always helps to dial down the hard edge of a vibrant, modern interior.

So, what to use?

I always say use what you love. If animal hides and burlap sacs are just too rural for you then search out items which you enjoy.

Reclaimed wood, recycled glass, natural stone and glass elements, brick, plants and foliage will all bring that natural sense to your interior. Organic fabrics are now being applied to modern upholstery and then mixed a second time with reclaimed fabrics for a one-of-a-kind item. If the modern elements are blended well with the organic elements, a magical result will emerge!

Are you a fan of organic modern interiors?

It is a beautifully rich and extremely elegant choice for any home, office or weekend retreat. You will discover that the natural shape of certain items as well as the colour and texture will give you delightful options out of the straight edge ordinary (think live-edged wood and granite features for fireplaces and countertops).

It will inspire you and draw you in to the beauty of our world while still allowing you to have a jaw-dropping, eye-popping interior that your friends will envy and enjoy.

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.