Celebrating the glorious traditions of autumn

I just saw pumpkin spice Oreo cookies in the store, fall is officially out of control!

Every season has its catch phrases and trendy items but I think nothing is more appealing than the fantastic merchandising of fall.

It’s probably because of the rich hues and reds and oranges which happen to be amongst my favourites or it could be the warm delicious scents that remind you that the most colourful time of year is here.

As you are relaxing reading this paper you are hopefully enjoying a favorite beverage laced with cinnamon or nutmeg or at least munching on something apple or pumpkin-related as you dream about the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

I hope you have many warm plans made with family and friends and I truly hope turkey is involved! My wish for you is that you encounter many brightly coloured vegetables, delicious gravy and fluffy white, warm rolls that you lavishly spread with butter. We have been good and eaten healthy, gritty bread all year and it is now time for at least one or two homemade buns!

May the slow fog of too much turkey creep over you like a warm blanket and may you find a place of peace where you can indulge in the best nap of the entire year.

When you awaken to the smell of pumpkin pie and coffee I hope that you shuffle to a comfortable chair and enjoy your desert before 4 p.m. because everyone knows you need to be hungry enough by 7 p.m. to have turkey sandwiches on fresh buns when the family board games are drug out of the closet.

Most importantly, may your house be warm and well-lit and full to the brim with people you care for.

Take the time to relax and visit with the faces in your living room and leave the dishes soak for awhile while you catch up on the lives of the people who matter the most.

Whether it’s one or 100, take the minutes to stop and share and smile, the hard work and the gritty bread will await tomorrow but for right now, you are floating on a cloud of well wishes and probably too much whipping cream.

Go ahead and pull out all the pumpkin-y stops.

This is YOUR time to shine! Wear that cozy, nutty coloured sweater and feel free to paint your toenails and inspirational palette to rival any fall-tinted forest.

If you are frenzied about fall and thrilled about Thanksgiving, then throw caution to the chilly wind and let your fall freak flag fly! Say to the world that you love fall, adore Thanksgiving and aren’t afraid to show it off.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

The warmth and glow of hearth and home will spill out of your windows and into the cold night air and you never know who it may reach. You may find the opportunity to invite someone in for coffee or get out and take a plate of dinner to a lonely neighbour. Your warmth and light can be far reaching and you may not know until years later who you reached and how you touched their hearts.

I see those of you who wear pumpkin accessories and fun sweaters and they always make me smile. Keep up the good work!

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Designer/Ask a Realtor’.