A look at the ‘Upper Limit’ problem

I was at a conference last week, and heard a suggestion about a book to read called The Big Leap by G. Hendricks, and since I have limited time to read, I bought the audio book and downloaded it to my phone immediately.

I listened to it that night, on the plane the next day and the drive home from the airport. It hit me hard and I am excited to keep on listening, keep on learning and share with you.

Here’s what I wanted to gift you from it thus far, (and to me it is the biggest and most powerful point). It is called the ULP.

The Upper Limit Problem. I have written about a similar theory for you before, but the way this was explained, and hearing about how it pertains to fitness, health, success, money and happiness – hit me like a kick in the stomach!

Have you ever been really happy, and on the verge of your greatest success, and then suddenly fail and revert back to where you were before or worse?

Have you ever been training for a goal, like a race, or a 12-week challenge and just when you were doing really well, (better than ever) on the verge of greatness you fell off the wagon and ate a bunch of crap or got injured or sick or something similar?

I cannot even count how many times it has happened to me.

Same thing with money or success or even just happiness.

The world is packed with stories of lottery winners that win huge amounts of money, so

much they should never have to worry about money again but a year later or three years later they are totally broke living in a trailer or in jail.

A happy couple, everything perfect, never been happier and then fights and arguments start over the smallest things.


The Upper Limit kicks in. Some folks call it a comfort zone, but the fact is, when we experience more happiness, success, money, etc. than we consciously or subconsciously think we deserve we self sabotage.

Here’s the thing: it’s normal!

Forget about us normal folks, famous people are prime examples: Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Pee Wee Herman, O.J. Simpson, Mel Gibson, President Bill Clinton, Mayor Rob Ford – it goes on forever.

At the height of success and fame – they totally blew it and self sabotaged their life doing something so absolutely stupid, we couldn’t believe it.

So you need to get really good at teaching yourself that success is okay.

When someone gives you a compliment, say a genuine ‘thank you’ and then shut up.

Seriously, how many of us blow off a compliment and downgrade it – we need to stop doing that.

Place a daily or weekly reminder in your phone that says, ‘Things can be

this good!’

Ask yourself this question – how much wealth, love and happiness am I really willing to have?

If your answer is tons that’s great!

Then be on the lookout for the good stuff and remind yourself that it is okay to be


Watch out for crazy arguments and things that occur right after something great, and then breathe and remind yourself that you have 100% permission to have a great life.

Scott McDermott is a personal trainer and owner of Best Body Fitness in Sylvan Lake.